[Road] How old is every one here?

Who are you (no off-topic talk please)

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by Superlite

Just wondering. Just say you age, location, and occupation, if you want to of course.

I'm 19, live in Colorado, and am in college.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

by Weenie

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by :-)

suffolk UK http://www.apibikes.com/team/2003/squad/pnut.htm
a few pb's are outta date ;-)
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by Karma

Just 19? Well, I'm 62 with over 40 years of experience in computers and electronics. Yeah-I design them and use them. Been riding bicycles for over 50 years. Does this give some perspective concerning my attiitudes and barbs about deviant Weenie behavior? But, I love all of you. Great things are only born from obsession. Keep it up!

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

I'm 22, and still kicking ass after all these years....lock up your daughters.

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by benz76

I'm 27, live in Reggio Emilia, northern part of Italy.
I'm a network engineer. I've been riding bikes since 11...

Hope everybody can have a very beautiful, very "hard" and very satisfing riding/racing season !!
Bye, Benz.

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by spytech

im 23, 24 next month. i am from new york computers keep me busy. damn i have to learn exchange mail server but when will i have time to ride :?

hey karma are you a unix admin?

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by 8oken


I am 21 and I live in Paris, France. I work in computing and I have been ridden since 6 years.


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by Ivan

I am 25, live in Leuven (Belgium)
I am studying chemistry, its my last year (industrieel ingenieur)
Occupation ? Well ... chemistry, biking and music ...

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by karlux

I think I'm the youngest one here!

I'm 18 and I'm going to finish shool this year. Also I'm in Latvia's National MTB team and in "Hawaii Express" team.

I'm weightweenies who is gone crazy with weight savings... have an idea of building lightest XC MTB that could be stiff enough to race in World Championships!

Last year I didn't sucseeded with my idea, but this year I will...
Light weight everything!

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by spaniardclimber

Im 27, from Barcelona (SPAIN), and a Computer consultant, with less time than desired to ride. Weight weenie since I was born....

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by martin

pretty mixed crowd (with a slight overhead in the IT business maybe..) here from all over the world, nice :-)
i myself am 37 and live in Munich, Germany.
I work as IT consultant for a small software company; networking and client management mostly.
riding bicycles since the age of 4 :) lightweights/racing bikes since the mid-nineties. Currently a 6.4kg Scott Team Issue.

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Location: Belgium

by Joel

I'm 17 and live in Belgium. I still have to go to school :cry:

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by Tsielio

18 on the 28th of january
in the same class as joel
second year junior

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by Fe

Age: 30
Location: South-East of the Netherlands, near Belgium and Germany
Occupation: yes :wink:
441-7 groot.jpg
Me in Switzerland (Grand Raid Cristalp 2003, 20th in Classification)

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by kaihawaii

31, kassel, germany. nice hills.

ironman germany 2003, some pics:
http://www.3athlon.de/news/2003/07/1407 ... _talks.php
Ironman Germany 2003: Maintal: ~ 114k after 3.8k swim and some 66k on bike and 42k on the run to do.
gruss kai

by Weenie

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