Thomson Elite seatpost tuning

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by fletch62

Did a search and turned up a little on tuning a Thomson post, such grinding sections of the clamp and replacing the bolts, but has anyone replaced the whole clamp assembly with something else?
I was thinking along the lines of KCNC, Woodman etc, using their clamping on the top of the Thomson.
Is it possible or anyone done this?
Are these clamps availiable by themselves?

by Weenie

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by djconnel

Yeah -- get a Masterpiece :).
Also do what I haven't yet done, and cut off the excess....
When I ordered my stem bolts from Toronto Cycles, I should have thought about my seatpost bolts.

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by asphaltdude

Yeah, been thinking about getting these clamp thingies for my Thomson too.
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by fletch62

That's wot im talking about! :D
My german is non-existant can you tranlate or give me an idea on where to source parts.
For a truly ghetto job you could probably use some PVC tube instead of carbonfor the cradle. Weight would be the same?

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by Internalcon

Google translate - mein Deutche ict nicht gut! ... state0=en|

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by whodesigns

I made some carbon upper and lower clamps for the Thomson Post, they are the same shape as the original ones but half the weight and look tre's cool. I will put some more pics and info on my website soon.
Thomson carbon clamp.jpg
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by corky

those are hot...... availability & cost?

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by Cocolo

I would be interested in these too.

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by Grimpeur

Me too :D
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by RTW

The German dude's modification failed, it says in his text!

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by Davidtwc

In a dutch test the post failed, not even tuned

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by djconnel

Davidtwc wrote:In a dutch test the post failed, not even tuned

You need to provide more details with this sort of statement. Anything can fail if the test is sufficiently nonrepresentative of real-world loads. Any product which competes on weight is going to be compromising reliability to some extent. For example, a post optimized for a 56 kg rider is going to break with a 168 kg rider.
Similarly a post optimized for the road might not be best for mountain biking downhill.

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by mrfish

Yes, the biggest reason for using a Thomson post is that the seat clamp properly spreads the load into the saddle rails, reducing likelihood of a bent or broken saddle. The clamp is also engineered that the post will bend before the clamp snaps to save your arse. Also it's pretty light - comparable to many carbon posts and IMHO much stronger and damage resistant than those. All that says to me that it's a foolhardy thing to meddle with the clamp unless you are prepared to do a similar amount of testing to ensure your parts are similarly strong.

I have two Thomson masterpieces on my tandem and they work flawlessly. Also the anodising does not flake off with a bit of British winter salt. The bolts are angled so that you can turn them with an allen key...These points are not true for some Italian products I could mention. Truly it is a superior device to many lightweight "tube with a hole plus two screws and a U" seat posts from Tune, KCNC, USE, WR Compositi, 3T etc....

Best close copy IMHO is the Syntace post and that's about the same weight but costs more. Case closed.

by Weenie

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by rebizap

Here is a link to mine.

Im still using it as my every day seatpost. ... lite+tuned

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