718 Gram wheelset

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by xnavalav8r

OK, I'm in lust with these wheels... but will they hold up under a 165 lb rider?

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by djconnel

On the M5 versus Extralite wheels: I'm still suspicious. Larger bearings, it seems, in general are going to be smoother then smaller ones. The hubs are 18 grams lighter. That saves me around 0.028% of mass proportional power (for example, 0.08 watts out of 300 on steep climbs). If total rolling resistance is 0.5%, and I'm climbing at 5 m/sec, then with 3% drivetrain losses I'm dumping around 16 watts into rolling resistance. A change in rolling resistance. With 40% of my weight on my front wheel, that's 6.6 watts in my front wheel. So a change in Crr of 1.2% of total overcomes the advantage of the lighter weight. Basically good bearings beat lighter weight on hubs.... even if they seem to spin similarly.

Maybe someone can correct me on my view larger bearings have lower resistance.

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by mca56

Yes, those Lightweight Challenge 600s are lighter but:

A) You can't buy them, AFAIK

B) I bet they would cost you at least one more zero, if you could buy them.

Also, what makes you think they are safer? Carbon versus titanium spokes?

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by climbingcue

mca56 wrote:20/24. I'm the new owner. They are intended for hilly New England road races and uphill time trials such as Mt. Washington and Whiteface. I'll report back on how they perform when the local road conditions finally improve.

I have done both of those Hill climb races in 2006, I am going to try to get back up for Whiteface. Mt. Washington is out for me, to much $$$$$.

What is the weight of the bike you will be using with these wheels?

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by mca56

Weight of the bike is TBD as I am waiting for a couple of Dura Ace 7900 parts to arrive. I will post when it is built.

First time for me on Mt. Washington. Should be interesting.

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by mca56

718 Gram Wheel Review

Finally got a chance to ride these wheels today. Short ride with some steep hills and fast descents. Tires are 22mm FMB Silk Criterium.

Braking: This was an eye opener. KCNC brakes with Swisstop yellow pads. NO PULSING! I've only used Zipps before these 404, 303, etc. The pulsing on the Zipps ranges from moderate to horrible on the new dimpled 303s. I even had Zipp replace one of the rims to no avail. The Edges do not pulse, and they do not grab. Braking is almost as good as with aluminum rims.

Rigidity: Bear in mind that I weigh 138 lbs. No brake rub while climbing out of the saddle. No brake rub while sprinting. Subjectively stiffer than my 303s.

Handling:: None of the twitchiness reported by another user. Handled well during descents with a moderate wind present.

Rim Width: These are wide rims. I dry fit 21mm Vittoria CXs and Triathlons. The rim shoulders do not contact the tire. You can rock the tire from side to side. Glue will probably minimize this issue but it still bothers me. Good excuse to run better handling 22mm and wider tubies. Maybe run the light, narrower Triathlons on uphill only courses?

I will refrain from superlatives regarding the weight. Also, the FMBs are fantastic. The Criterium tread is noticeably more supple than the Strada tread. I will puke if these suckers flat prematurely. I may even get out the needle and thread.

Madcow's build is impeccable. Perfectly true before and after the ride. The Edges look great. The moulded in valve hole is a work of art. The valve stem goes through the rim without hitting any of the bladder crap left in other rims. Don't get me wrong. I still like my Zipps and intend to keep on riding them, but they are no longer my number 1 wheels.

I would go so far as to recommend these as daily riders. Of course, long term durability is an unknown, however, these wheels feel strong and fast. The "lack" of aerodynamic spec was not noticeable on the flats. Anyway, I've never lost a road race on the flats...only on the climbs. That is where these wheels will shine. The low profile rims in combination with the Ti spokes and 22mm tires provide a comfortable ride. Go buy a set of the new 320tpi Vittorias in 23mm from England on the cheap for everyday riding.

Five Stars. Best wheels I have ever ridden, and I have been riding tubulars since 1970. My hat is off to Edge for the rims and Fairwheel for the build. Why would anyone spend more for a set of Lightweights? Buy the 1.45s if you want deeper rims.

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by ras11

mca56 wrote:718 Gram Wheel Review
... the FMBs are fantastic. The Criterium tread is noticeably more supple than the Strada tread. I will puke if these suckers flat prematurely.

Don't jinx them! Thanks for the review. Keep us posted on the rear hub as well, not a lot of those floating around.
:-) Toys-R-Us

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