Which tubeless system is the best?

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by karlux

At first I didn't realise that there are more than one company which produces Tubeless systems (rim strips, liquid, valves etc.), but I found a few more and I began to doubt which is the best.
I found information about Stan's tubeless kit. The company claims that it is the best, what is your opinion about Stan's tubeless system and all other systems.
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by JK

I am going to try the eclipse tubeless kit (www.tubelesskit.com). The advantage over Stan's is the use of a superlight rim strip and a special valve. This valve can be used to add the fluid, which saves you the hassle of adding fluid into the tire with one bead unmounted.
The downsides of the system are its availability (for now...) and the fact that Eclipse only makes rim strips for a number of rimtypes. The strip has to fit perfectly, so if you have some other rim than Mavic or Ritchey, don't bother buying it.


by Weenie


by n/a

i own 02 mavic crossroc' which are great. however next year i'm getting mavic 517 on xtr hubs with stans kit. and you can add sealent through the vavle stem on stan's kit

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by JK

You are right. Stan seems to have adopted the idea of a removable valve core. Or Eclipse... anyway... no more advantages in that respect for either of them.

Mike Merlin

by Mike Merlin

This is a great tubless product. I purchased last year at the NORBA Nationals @ MT SNOW. (Don't let his mechanic touch your bike, if you have them install the sealant. That's another story). Here's the great thing: you can run insanely low tire pressure for better traction. I weigh about 180lbs and ran tire pressure as low as 35 psi (accidently) without any negative effects. T

There is a learning curve with this product. You need an air compressor OR lots of CO2 cartridges. Don't freak when it leaks ((while installing) the friction of escaping air with the sealant dries and hardens therefore creating the seal). Install in a mild temperature room. Installing this product in a garage during winter will require the use of hair dryer. The product smells...bad, literally smells bad.

During a race I did get a flat. No sooner than I hopped off the bike and slapped a CO2 on the valve did it seal and fix. Incredible.
Funny thing: I think I gained 10-15 grams with Stans as oppose to my previouse setup with Perfromance Lunar Lite tubes (99 grams).

Weight weenie tip: Because you have NO TUBE and if you suffer a flat that STANs can not repair because the hole in the tire will be so large that the tire becomes useless--you can use NON-Quick release skewers... Unlike UST YOU still have tire choices.
I hope you enjoy this little book I've written.

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