Ever done this?

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by drjones96

Has anybody ever done this?
I was riding my trainer tonight. Normally I just spin for about an hour or maybe more. It just depends on how quickly I get bored with it. Sometimes it lasts longer if I've got something good to watch on TV. But about 30 minutes into it I just started bonking. My quads were burning like crazy and I just gave out at 45 minutes. GRRRRR. I just thought to myself, "This was a pretty crappy ride! What the heck happened?" I got off and like usual I loosened off my wheel and gave it a flip so I could see it spin free. FRRRrrrrrr......stop. Anybody know what happened :?: That's right. My brake was resting against the rim. I'm an idiot.

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by 88a

I bought a new trainer at the beginning of winter, a 1 up USA, which I like a lot. It has telescoping legs, which allow you to lower the rear wheel as close as possible to the floor, so you don’t need a block for your front wheel. Well, to make a long story short, I set the rear wheel a hair’s width from the floor and started riding. An hour later, my legs like lead, I got off and noticed a thick patch of rubber beneath my rear tire. The tire itself was hot and sticky. So, I feel your pain, drjones96.

by Weenie

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by Knut

A few weeks ago I dug out my old cirka '91 partly rusty roadbike. I wanted to use it for commuting to work. Anyway, after the first day I was ready to throw it out the window, my time to work had increased by about 6% and the reference was a same conditions ride on my 8,5 kilo hardtail, but with knobbies.

I looked at the hubs for drag, spinning them in my hand, then looked to the bottom bracket for drag, none... very strange until I actually tried spinning the wheels on the bike... FRRRrrrrrr......stop. DOOOOH! Quick adjustment of the brakes and now its running very well again. It's ~11 kilos, but what the hell. :wink:

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by zakeen

maybe I should check my brakes! I feel like that every ride in the last week!

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