Which fellow team member of Lance?

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by carlos

cant agree more with dvive, very well reminded!

but i have a tie for second place, roberto heras and rubiera...
lets go!

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by cendres

Johan Bruyneel.

Bed4d SL
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by Bed4d SL

what about roberto heras? He carried him to victory in 2002. Guess he didn't do too much in 03 and wasn't there the rest of the years though, but azevedo's only been there once too.

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by Rogeliote

Chechu RUBIERA!!! He is from Asturias like me and is a fantastic person (no like me jejeje)

8) 8) 8)

Puxa Asturias!

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by mises

I think Bruyneel is #1 and Ferrari #2. I think Bruyneel was instrumental in convincing Armstrong of his Tour potential and with or without drugs Ferrari is extremely knowledgeable about training and has worked with Lance on most every aspect of his training. Without those 2 the team wouldn't have made any difference. As they demonstrate every year the rest of the team is just interchangeable parts, though I do think Rubiera is often overlooked.

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