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by Tumppi

Go for a win! Vote a Finn.


But what happened those earlier WWOTY winners...(Adrien, LJ) :shock: Where they are now? Is there some curse for WWOTY's??
I don't wanna same destiny for Samu.

too slow
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by too slow


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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

light_head59 with his Rue. Or that German guy with his... very light bike :D
If it's about the quality of the posts, I guess Madcow is first for me with his well-written and enlightening reviews.

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by OrPe

i'd say Nut. and Cow. and that Pez guy.

can't we choose three ?

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by 109er

come on Starnut....you nutty old chap....

+1 Starnut..
green jacket, gold jacket...who gives a sh*t

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by madcow

I'd like to add my own 2 cents in a long and rambling thread that most won't finish reading.

When LJ and myself first started WWOTY, way back in 05 there wasn't much more to it than having some fun. We put together some prizes for all those that were nominated and just had a good time with it. Luckily for me I established only one rule at the time, the founder of the WWOTY contest would have a lifetime ban from participation, which eliminates me yet again this year.(Thanks to those that would pick me though)

The hope was that the winner would hand off the torch each year by organizing the contest for that year. However without last years winner being on the board still, it seems that Adrien would have a hard time making a go of it.

As the only remaining founder of the award, I wouldn't mind taking back the chore of doing this. Of course since times have changed, I'd like to change the approach to this whole thing. In the beginning we did talk with Frankie/Florian and make sure that running the contest was ok with them. I've not run any of this post by Frankie so he may object, but honestly, I don't care if he does. :twisted:

It has been mentioned that all the past winners have disappeared as if it's some sort of curse. I've noticed that it's not just the winners, but most of the runners up as well. (Casran, LJ, Adrien, Divve, Mads Kock, Felix, The Jerk, Boonen, etc...) My thought on that is that the atmosphere at the board has changed and it just doesn't have the appeal that it used to. It's lost much of it's fun.

That brings me to what is WWOTY. In the end I think we all decided that it was about the single member who contributes the "most" to the board. Most was not post count, or best bike etc... but was a spirit. Someone who made the board worth visiting.

So with that in mind, I would like to suggest that this years competition be different. I think the award should simply be handed to the guy that has done so much to keep the board alive(I don't think most of you realize how close this board was to closing) He also did more than anyone can imagine behind the scenes. Everything he has done has been an attempt to improve the atmosphere and bring the board back to it's former glory. Who is this? Well, it's Frankie B for WWOTY . Our tried and true admin. I consider Frankie a good friend, I speak with him often. I know how much he has been working behind the scenes, doing things that nobody notices. So I hope everyone will reply to this thread, with a simple vote for Frankie.

I don't want to take anything from the rest of the staff, I had originally thought about nominating them all. But then when I started thinking about it just didn't seem right.

Rasmus, he's been doing a bang up job as the forums newest admin, but he's also the best looking guy east of the Mississippi, so giving him an award is redundant. His good looks and charm are reward enough for him in life.

Nik, does a great job, but is rewarded with getting to live in one of the worlds best cities and it's all paid for by WW.

Martin deserves an award for his long service, but then again, he spends most of his time going to banquets and accepting awards for all sorts of different things. He lives in 5 star hotels and flies in a private jet from one shin-dig to the next.

Cyco, well, what can one say about Chris. He can't possibly accept an award as he has no fixed location for one to send it to. His reward is traveling the world and riding his bike while looking for the ultimate ww ride.

That leaves us with only Juanmoretime, who deserves no award. John is rotten to the core. I would tell you some of his more famous exploits but honestly, I'm tired of making people cry.

So I hope that everyone will agree that Frankie has contributed more to this board this year than anyone else. And if they don't.... Well, then you better watch your back, because JMT might just be there.

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by sawyer

Would be nice if the thread hadn't been introduced with the "nice one chaps". Who are the "chaps"?

I vote for fdegrove for his tyre expertise.

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by sawyer

madcow wrote:
It has been mentioned that all the past winners have disappeared as if it's some sort of curse. I've noticed that it's not just the winners, but most of the runners up as well. (Casran, LJ, Adrien, Divve, Mads Kock, Felix, The Jerk, Boonen, etc...) My thought on that is that the atmosphere at the board has changed and it just doesn't have the appeal that it used to. It's lost much of it's fun. .

Every forum I've ever read has people making this point ... it's more symptomatic of natural change and people moving on and going their own way than anything else. To newcomers, no doubt this board seems exciting and full of interesting amazing WW stuff. Measuring change is so difficult precisely because one can never escape they change that's happened to oneself.

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by Theros

I'm going to follow Madcow's advice and vote for Frankie :thumbup: But also kudos to Pez, Madcow himself, fdegrove, Starnut, DaveS, Bugman, Amadeus, coloclimber, Samu and many more.

And I'm with sawyer on this. Every forum I see people leave and go. Why? I'd say: personal situation, no new projects/news to post, shifting interests and well, maybe even laziness to log in and post :lol: But I do think most of them are still lurking around, so who knows when they might come back.

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by Big Mig

Phill P wrote:Top 3 for me are Pez, Starnut and Madcow.

I ultimatly I have to give my vote to Madcow for the crank testing.

All three are great posters, give fantastic industry and product knowledge and really helpfull. The crank testing was a step beyond and hence makes Madcow the stand out.

same 3 for me.... +3

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by HammerTime2

In no particular order:

2008 WWOTY Candidate Dominic
1) The 3 sets of wheels he bought for $15000 have the lightest combined weight ever: 0g ... And they're stiff - or he got stiffed - something like that.
2) His post http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum ... 0&start=65 is post of the year for possibly saving board members from making a very bad and expensive purchase decision.

2008 WWOTY Candidate 11.4
Reason: His outstanding knowledge and posts on all matters relating to tubulars and their gluing. And his posts were all done without an attitude.

2008 WWOTY Candidate Pez
Reason: Knowledgeable with first hand experience and helpful as all get up. And he puts up with and perseveres though all sorts of nonsense he shouldn't have to.

2008 2008 WWOTY Candidate Frankie B
Reason: I trust Madcow's claims of Frankie's behind the scene heroics. This is partially (but only very slightly) offset by his overzealous editing of posts with long links in the text. Let's see if the link above is edited to one of the klickedieklick jobs. 8)

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by pritchet74

Frankie B. Although he should change his name to "The Godfather". That'd be sweet. :wink:

Honorable mention to Pez though. He's really come into his own this year. Nice job Pez. Mad props.
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by morephyous

Well if Madcow can't get my vote, then it goes to Dominic :twisted: .

Man, those days when LJ posted about his Colnago build were a classic. That's what got me into this whole thing :lol: .

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by yourdaguy

I agree with Pritchet74 Fankie B. gets my vote, but before reading Madcow's post I was going to vote for PEZ.
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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

If Frankie was instrumental in saving the forum this year, how could we not vote for him?! I vote for Frankie and say "thanks!"

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