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by cadence90

I'm thinking of switching my Campagnolo Record BB and Crankset for an American Classic ISIS BB and FSA Superlight crankset.
Any riders out there have experience with the AC/FSA setup?
Rider weight limit?
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by Millen

Picture is the ISIS BB I have on my bike. It's just another variation of American Classic BB. The weight is about 150g for 108mm axle.

Due to the design of bearing cups, this BB is very sensitive to BB facing. Always face the BB shell of your frame for proper cup alignment. The bearings are not so smooth when new but after about 1000km on it, it's now as smooth as most other BB's.

Will be trying out the old American Classic BB(140g version with non-replaceable bearings) soon when it arrive next month with a new carbon crank.
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I am currently switching from FSA Team Cranks with a DA BB to FSA Superlights with an FRM BB. The FRM BB is readily available in the US and the bearings are replaceable. The new ISIS BB from American Classic will not be available till the end of Jan or Feb of 2004. The construction and similarities of the FRM and the AC BB are too close to call, but the FRM claims to weigh in at 135grams which is a 5 gram savings over the AC unit.

The FRM BB is on the bike and is super smooth. Much more so then the DA it replaces. The cranks will be here this week and I'll be glad to post my comments if there is any interest.

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by spytech

FRM has an alu axle while the AC has a cro-moly axle, i would think the AC isis BB is more durable. dont you think?

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by Joel

no FRM is very durable, they have good quality light products.
I think the FRM is the better choice

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