Soul wheels S2.0 (pics)

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by robnfl

prendrefeu wrote:... just tell Madcow that you're in Rio and he'll consider making the delivery personally...

Hey...I already called dibs on the personal delivery to Rio :D

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by felipedana

roflmao .. guys, there is room for everyone.. obviously I'll ask you to bring a lot more stuff than veloplug so be ready... lol

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by LouisN


The wheels seem well built, and the hubs are smooth. Hopefully set them up tomorrow and will go for a test ride if its not raining.


(posted this on rbr too)[/quote]

So, Felipedana,

did you bash these wheels enough so you can give us a review of how they hold , ride, flex, sprint, climb,....etc ?

They LOOK nice, but .....I would be more convinced by a couple hundred, or Kmiles test rides....

Louis :)

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by felipedana

Hi Louis..
Today was my first day w/ the wheels.. I rode them on my training bike and only in the flat (60km).. they were perfect and they felt a lot better/faster than the wheels I had on this bike. My first bike is being rebuild ATM and this bike have a tiagra 32h very heavy build).. so I still can't say much about them because IMO only one ride in the flat is not enough to judge them especially not with my first bike... but, so far so good.. Don't worry I'll keep posting my impressions ..

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by SDP

i am really intrigued by the 4.0s ..would prefer to build up on hubs of choice if i could find these rims

however might be tempted to buy them complete & see what the hubs are like

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by Stolichnaya

For what it is worth, I wrote up a long winded initial review of my S 4.0's under the the "Soul S 4.0 high profile Al clinchers" thread: ... highlight=

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by farm_lim

got my soul s 2.0 24h/24h yesterday. 1314g on the scale.
quality as advertised, got it in 4 days from singapore.



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by Raxel

I'm still waiting for mine :(

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by Raxel

Got my wheelset. It weighs 585/732g or 1317g for pair, exactly as advertised. Perfectly true, hubs and rims look very good. A great buy.

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by Amadeus

Hey Guys great review!

I still do believe that SOUL uses the KinLin XR-200 rim (which seems to be a good and light product).

Does anybody know which spokes they use?

I am curious abot how the hubs will perform so please fill us in after riding the wheels for about 2000 miles/3000km?
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by Raxel

I can see the spokes are from pillar (with 'P' logo on the spoke heads).
BTW the hubs look quite good and easily serviceable with two hex wrenches.

Johhny Bravo
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by Johhny Bravo

Any other updates about those wheels?
E aí Felipe, como vão as rodas? Já subiu as Paineiras socando a bota?
Manda um review honesto e decente aí pra galera!

(translation: So, Felipe, what about the wheels? Already been up the Paineiras road with them? Send us an honest and comprehensive review!)
Ride safe!
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by radial

Hey guys I have had these wheels for a bit more than a year and they are now my PERMANENT training wheels. I also have some 3.0's (training wheels when Im feeling strong) I LOVE EM.

You know in your riding life you come across those "best kept secrets" that have good people behind them, and arent well known, SOUL 2.0's and Sean are those products and people. (not a secret now)

They are light light and strong. Im 92kg and i ride 500km a week on them and they are still as true as the day I bought them. I broke a front hub flange but thats cos I rode over a branch that flicked into the spokes n jammed between the fork and the spokes, but thats not the hubs fault.

The hubs are simple BUT they out roll even my 404's. The rears are a bit "bling" in that the pawls make a bit of noise. The hubs I feel are the secret behind the wheels... Am actually in the process of getting Sean to rebuild my 404's with his bladed spokes and Soul hubs cos I feel that they are faster than the standard 404 hubs.

In my conversations with Sean he's told me that he's working on an even stiffer hub for the range and that the 2.0s will be the same weight or just minutely heavier.

For the $$$ I would not hesitate to recommend the 2.0's.

Additionally he loaned me a set of CC's for about 4 weeks to compare against my Zipp 404's and I loved them and would recommend to EVERYONE who is thinking about getting some deep section rims. Only criticism of them was to do with the brake shoes and that they wont sit straight and over time have a tendency to camber outwards a bit.

FYI: I am a very happy customer and am no relation to Sean.

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by Raxel

Light, strong and stiff enough, and IMO look just right with decals. They are stickers and you can just get rid of them if you think they are distracting.

Below is my dad's budget WW bike with s2.0 wheels, weighing 6270g/13.8lbs with porky 1317g frame.

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Go on someone, buy a set of the 5.2C wheels, and write a review. I'm curious!

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