Mavic Ksyriums vs. Rolf Vigors

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by Superlite

Ok, were getting somewhere, but assume I'm not in a group, just me. How much of a difference will they make? Then someone else siad they were 2-3 kmh slower on descent with the ksyriums, but what about flatland speed? Thats all I care about, and assume it's just you, no drafting. They alot slower then the american classic's 420 bladed 16/20, or just marginally?

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by Franzam

In my opinion You do not notice the difference.

When you drive two times the same 100 flat kilometers with same tyres and tubes on Ksyriums and AC and no wind, your will be about 15sec faster with AC
(with round 30km/h).
But it´s allways a little windy, so it is all the same.

Purchase the one, which pleases you better.

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by benz76

First: 2 or 3 km slower on descent is equal to 2 or 3 km slower on flat course at the same speed (48-50kmph, for example). At 40 kmph difference will be little less, but not too much...
You are looking for ultimate flat-course performace? Why don't you try Mavic Cosmic Carbone? They're super-stiff (for sprinting, for example), super aerodinamic, and very low rolling resistant...

Bye, Benz.

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by Superlite

i'm looking at flatland performance because it is my weakness. Cosmic Carbone ar way to heavy, I want a climbing wheel that fast on flats as well.

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by Superlite

Just letting you know I got my wheels today, very sweet! Front weighs 641g, rear 846g with 16/20 spokes DT bladed. Build quality is very nice and the new decals make the wheels look alot better then last years. Thanks for the help!

I also got my Easton EC 90 post, in 27.2 by 250mm it weighs 152g.

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by :-)

superlite wrote:i'm looking at flatland performance because it is my weakness

i wouldnt think wheels are gunna make that kind ov difference to ya performance

this season early on i was using bonty race x-lites on my time trial bike & then switched too a corima disk & 12 spoke aero front.... i can assure you there was in no way a 3 kmph gain on the flat

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by HäddaFahn

Yu always need to ask yourself what do i need that wheel for. If yu wanna cruise on flat terrain, the wheel should be aerodynamic and heavy at the putside of the wheel. The more weight yu put at the outside of the wheel center the more yu gain in a good roal.

Its totally diff for climbs and acceleration. The wheel needs to be light outside of the center for a good acceleration and climbing abillity.

These two wheels are a mix of both attributes so good for all day riding.

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by rico

Uh, hey Superlite, if it's any help I've raced and trained on both. I've used Ksyriums (both originals and SLs) for about three years now, but bought a pair of Rolf Vigors last summer.

I like Ksyriums a lot - they're fairly light and slightly aero, but their biggest advantage is their stiffness and reliability. They are also nice to have when on fast, tricky descents, as the braking surfaces are very good and they feel solid. I've never, ever had a problem with them - although I only weigh 60kg.

That said, the Vigors are considerably lighter (they weight 1325 gms compared to something over 1500 gms for Ksyrium SLs - and only 5 gms more than my Corima Aero tubs), and definitely more aero. I suspect the hubs and bearings are a bit better because they feel a lot smoother on the bike.

They are not quite as stiff and don't feel as solid on descents. But on both climbs and the flat I'd prefer the Vigors.


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by Superlite

Actually it's 1424g for the claimed weight of the vigors, really 1465g, and 1590g for the Ksyriums. Already bought wheel, thanks.

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