Took a break, back with new bike!

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by iubike

I was off the bike for a while, personal and business wise. Back on now and consistent and MAN does it feel good. Decided to put a new bike together. I can't say how happy I am with it! The integrated press in BB with Ultra-Torque was something I am REALLY happy I got to work as the ride is superb. I'm sure someone else has done this, or not? Let me know.

All my WW parts hold up well sans my ultra light inner RD cage. Nasty descent and the chain jumped and ripped it off. High five to Campag, climbed back up and rode home like a dream! 13.68 as it sits.
Flawless operation still!

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by stella-azzurra

Nice but pink hoods? to commemorate the giro?

by Weenie

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by Griswald4x4

I feel like you need the pink zipp logos to match those hoods, just enough pink to be classy.

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by iubike

I have a few friends at Zipp (Im not super cool they are just 50 miles north) so I should grab those :). Honestly I wanted to try the "Hudz" and could not do black, white was out of stock, and yellow blue, etc yuck. Pink worked in a weird way haha. I actually love the hoods, great flat platform on them, the finish is terrible at first but the dingles wear off first ride :).

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by DocRay

Awesome bike, but lose the pink hoods, Barbie.
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by Briscoelab

How did you get the bottom bracket cup issue, with the Scott's press fit bottom bracket to work? Just curious, as I run Campy as well and was considering an addict.

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by CaptainWilier

The fashon police will take you out faster than the Mexican mob;those pink hoods clash. nice bike besides that.
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by iubike

Haha, the pink hoods :). Just called my buddy and the stickers are on the way! I pulled the Shimano bearings out of the cups, installed a wave washer on the non-drive side pressed the campag bearings in sans the c-clip (on the cranks) and voila! Took some playing but it worked! The trick is all externals use a 6805 bearing. For Shimano they use a slightly smaller spindle with a the plastic cap spacer to take up slack. Campag uses a slightly larger spindle and metal on metal contact.

Trick is to use the Campag bearings. Also a side note, the Shimano cups are setup SPECIFICALLY for Shimano so the spindle holes is almost exact on Shimano, so close that it wont slide over Campag spindle. Dremel and DONE.

Phill P
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by Phill P

How wide asre the bearings you took out?

6805 as a standard bearing is 7mm wide, but campy and new shimano external bearing BBs are 6mm wide.

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by mxfox

very nize!!
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by leadag

nice ride - is that the R4?

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by Hyde

Pull the Zipp Decals, alltogether & just wear the Pink Kit! Great looking Scott!

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by Juanmoretime

Welcome back Kyle. I had to move this to the gallery. :shock:

Are you going to be at the Hilly?

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by Rich_W

Wow... 2 years later... Nice R4... great bike. I'm still in love with my 07 LTD

nice work with the UT crank... I'd like to hear how those bearings hold up.

and yes... loose the pinkies.

by Weenie

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by kirojira

Welcom Back to cycling. Great bike. I love the distinct look of it. The hint of pink makes it very Monaco, Ya know! look at me I have so much cash I don't care what you think. Euro porn baby!! Pozzato is ,as we speak, checkin out the web for a set of those. Just don't get a pink sadle.
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