Best and Lightest Skewers (again_)

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by gitsome

Hello, I know this is often discussed and I have seen the thread with a review of some models, but it left out a few including Tune's to name just one.

SO I am wondering what everyone would recommend to replace the standard Mavic skewers that came with my Krysriums. I had ordered the skyline's but cancelled it due to some reviews that were less than positive.

These would be used on the Mavics as well as on a set of Reynolds SDV's that I would like to lighten up.


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by durarace

I would go with KCNC. Work great at 46g

by Weenie

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by XL_Carbon

Although I like the looks of the KCNCs (matched color for lever, nut, and cam washer), I prefer the new OMNI Racers (OR). ... highlight=

My black ORs have over 1000 miles and so far no issues to report. I did however put grease in the cam/lever section just so that it's easier to lift the lever. Now it's easier to release especially since I clamp my skewers on relatively tight. Clamping force seems just as good as M2s.

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by haydos

I run Bold Ti skewers and they have been without fault.

The only thing I added to them were some springs to keep them centred when fitting - you don't need this really though.

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by Carbonman

OMNI's are great and if you were OK going with Skylines then consider the OMNI bolt on skewers.

I believe Catbon Ti have some very light QR's coming out in various colours. Might be worth a look as I think they are lighter than the OMNI bolt-ons but are a QR.

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by frd

I am very satisfied with KCNC. Had some slippage problems at first but now they are working very well. Cheap too.

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by KB

My faves are Heylight titanium. I've had Tune's, but I hated them. I didn't like the locking mechanism.

I've just ordered some Bold Precision from Fairwheelbikes. They are almost identical to the Heylights and come in about 50g the pair (same as the Heylights).

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by Adrien

I do like the Carbon-Ti. They work pretty well and the lever has a stop so there's no chance it enters in the spoking contrary to the Tune's. Although I never experienced this with a Tune, I advise the Carbon-Ti over the Tune.
I have had several customers telling me the KCNC work pretty well too.

Carbon-Ti is releasing a set of 26g quick releases:

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by Raxel

Another skewer with aluminium axle :shock:

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by NS

Best or Lightest?

My favourite now are the Zipp Ti skewers. Lardy at ~90g but they inspire me with confidence. Tune did not, in fact they scared me

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by TlM

The kcnc clamp good, but when not clamped tight enough they mkae some cracking sounds at the back when putting some power on the pedals.

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by 4cmd3

Personally I swear by the DT Swiss Ti RWS... they may not be the absolute lightest, but I would say they are among the best.

If you want lightest, then you want something without a QR lever, like something with nuts on both ends. e.g. Control Tech

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NS wrote:
My favourite now are the Zipp Ti skewers. Lardy at ~90g but they inspire me with confidence. Tune did not, in fact they scared me

Why would that be?

AC 16 front & AC 14 rear - both with titanium spindles for a tad over 50g.

Exactly my piece of cake.

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by NS

I prefer the security of the cam action.

I'm too good looking to risk it with fragile skewers. I cant afford to lose any lucrative modelling contracts

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by Razor

I've had good success with these USE Spin Stix:,6610 ... -1,00.html

They are light, secure and come in various colors. Good value for the price, distinct style makes them stand out from the norm.
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by Weenie

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