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by Tsielio

i need a short stem for my timetrial bike
does somebody know a brand that makes them in 8 cm???
it has to be strong, stiff and light
time trial bike is with a bar of walser (like ullrich)
so i wouldn't like to have to cut a few cm from the walser carbon
uci limit 75cm...


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by ras11

Syntace make a 75mm stem. Claimed weight is 87g w/ ti bolts. And it's under $100US.

I think Supergo sells them for $90, but I don't think they come with the Ti bolts.

Ritchey also makes some great stems. This is the one I have. They go down to 80mm. I think I picked mine up for $30.

With a short stems, I've never noted any flex, but then again, I'm a light weight rider. I don't think 'stiffness' os going to be an issue for you, unless your twice the size of Jan Ulrich.

Good luck, hope you find the stem of your dreams... and you're smart for not comprimizing your bike fit.
:-) Toys-R-Us

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