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by visby(SK)

hi i have psylo race, but i don't know how to make it harder...
is the only option to change the spring???
i'm running the default spring, but i think the fork too soft(when i sit on the bike, the fork sinks cca 3cm)... btw: damping is great... :-)

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by Cyco

Yes, changing the spring is the only way to ajust the sag to the correct amount. When doing this it will feel too quick in rebound - try changing oil 5wt heavier than you are now running if it moves your external ajustment close to the fully closed position.


by visby(SK)

that's sad...
are there any sheets with the springs??? which is good for which weight???

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by Florian

visby(SK) wrote:that's sad...
are there any sheets with the springs??? which is good for which weight???

Ehm... correct me if I'm wrong but aren't Psylo Race's air forks? :?
According to my informations there were no Psylo Race forks with steel springs.

RockShox PDF sheets can be found here:

Owners Manuals
Service Guides
Spare Parts


by visby(SK)

psylo race is for sure with spring...
also uturn is spring only...
thx for the links...

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by biketuna

2003 Psylo race is spring.
The last Psylo air was the 2002 race.


by visby(SK)

now, there's another problem on the psylo...
the remote lock-out is not working well... when i lock the fork and ride a bit and then try to release it, the lockout-thing on the fork is notched and i must turn with my hand... i oiled the fork, but it didn't help... where could be the problem???

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