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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

I know that everyone talks shit about these wheels, and on top of that who rides 650 wheels anyway but check out this auction on ebay.

crap, i can't make it link up, just cut and paste

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by kkenney

For that kind of money I think I'd rather have a neW set of Reynolds CIRRO UL-KOM.

Anybody know where to get a set of these cheap or even just the rims???

Are they everything they are made out to be?

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by Superlite

Rims are not available for buying, and they are 1799 everywhere you go.

And they rule! The wheels are some of the best, the lightest rims out there, period. They are extremly durable, and soome of the strongest rims ever made. Only thing that kinda sucks is the hubs are kinda heavy. It wouldn't really matter since its not really rotational weight, but you could save about 120g with tune hubs.

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