Best Triathlonshoes with Aerolites

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Dellucci

Hi for this I planing to make a lot of Competitions and I want push the Rotational Masses down the most I can .The Aerolites are the lightest pedal option who I only want to use in Competitions.So what is the best option in Triathlon Shoes???????

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by marktickner

Custom made Rocket7 shoes are the lightest triathlon shoes I believe. They weigh 170 grammes!
Made with carbon fibre sole and look sweet!
Very expensive however!

by Weenie

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by Cyco

The LUST are the lightest shoes I know of, but could be hard to obtain if you are not in the US.
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by spytech

Both rocket 7 and Lust have custom options. what is the difference between the cast molding you pay $100 to get done for the lust and the shoe box with foam that rocket 7 sends you, that you also leave $100 deposit (which is discounted from your total on the shoes)? do you get a more precise fit with the lust? i dont except a full comparison in detail, because i doubt many have owned both. those have who owned either please let use know. rocket 7 are appealing to me.

can you really justify the price difference from the rocket 7 to the lust? are the lust that much better? and how much better are the rocket 7 from lets say the poggio 2 that i own?

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by Michiel

I have a pair of Rocket 7 Full custom road shoes.
I don't know what Lust use for their measuring, but with Rocket 7 you get the foambox for the print of your bottom of your foot and the outlining of it. Furthermore you have to measure the outline of you foot at the widest part (where you also put your pedaladaptor..) and form your heel underneath your ankle.
Furthermore you can send your orthoctics (I think that is what it is called.)and they will integrate them in your sole :!:

All in all you get shoes that fit like a glove, which you can customize with different colorschemes, your name on the straps, Speedplay carbon sole (which makes a foot to axle distance possible of 14.5 mm :shock: ) etc. etc.
If you have 'difficult' feet or the sizes of your feet are really different from eachother and you can affort it, Rocket 7 'rock' the world!!

here are some pictures of mine:

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