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by ms6073

And while the bikes may not be worth the opening bids to most of us, I am willing to bet that over the course of the next 9-days, someone will bid on some of the bikes. I also agree with a previous poster that the helmets look like a good buy except that bidding will probably get crazy and end up costing 3-4 times what they are actually worth. :o
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by Weenie

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by Leviathan

Its nice they are on Ebay- we can see over time if the views of this forum are shared by everyone or if, as I suspect, there is indeed one born every minute.
nathanong87 wrote:
i used to come to the pro cycling discussion thread for pro pictures

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by KH

OT: There are some nice veloflex carbon tubs on ebay too at the moment....

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by nicrump

for clarification, i didn’t post to rib tailwind, just sharing a view of team bikes.

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by DC41

lancejohnson wrote:btw - Johan has nothing to do with this. It's Lance, Bill Stapleton, and a couple of other (apparently delusional) suits...

Isn't Johan a part owner like Lance?
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Dicky dirtrider
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by Dicky dirtrider

Free shipping!

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by HanSolo

Can traces of illegitimate substances on the bike be used as evidence? The starting price is ridiculous. I could have decorated my house with 10 good Persian rugs for that money.
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by racingtiger

scott97 wrote:And some of the not so fine print. :O)

The bike has been used by a Discovery Channel Team rider and WILL BE SOLD “AS IS.” Therefore it can be assumed that the bike will have markings and features related to a used bike. Tailwind Sports (and its officers, directors, shareholders, and management company), Trek Bicycle Corporation, any and all component manufacturers and their staff DO NOT CERTIFY THAT THIS BIKE, IN ITS CURRENT STATE, IS IN RIDING CONDITION AND ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES INCURRED TO THE BIKE OR ANY INDIVIDUALS ATTEMPTING TO RIDE THE BIKE.

Interesting though...

...in other words, don't blame us when yet another one of the steer tubes breaks.

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by scott97

I got in touch with the seller and asked him if I could check the bikes out in person.

He said yes, but that I couldn't ride them, but I could look them over as much as I liked.

I'm going to try and take a look at them tomorrow.

I will report back as soon as I have looked them over.

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by drjones96

pfff....wow....even if I was a huge fan of any of them I wouldn't pay that much for a bike that had been beaten to hell.

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by DocRay

check the auction rules: winner gets a Trek for $10,555, loser gets two Treks.

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