Felt bicycles...

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Naranja

What do you think about these bicycles??? look at www.feltracing.com only road, nothing about triathlon
They are cheap and good looking...

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by gholl

I have test ridden several Felt bikes and found them to be well made,very light and very well suited for racing. Since I am an aging former racer, the frames were too stiff for my current purposes-mainly training, for which I prefer a carbon frame. Felt makes a complete line of road and tri bikes, as you can plainly see from their website. Furthermore, the Spanish importer is located in Huesca.

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by stockae92

a 13 yr old thread is back .. :D

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by savechief

Holy s*&%, do people not look at the last posting date before replying? Hmm, Felt bikes. Nope, never heard of them.
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by Mackers

Every day at WW:

a: Guy needs 10 posts to order at Starbike.
b: Guy registers and posts 10 replies in random threads.
c: People reply complaining to the guy who'll never be back about how old the thread is and not looking.


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by benzebub

do you still get the discount at starbike? I can't find any info about the discount anymore..

(totally off topic, I'm sorry)
But I could be wrong

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by Sleepless

Yes you do, but you need 25 posts in last 60 days IIRC.

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