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by Guest

Greetings fellow weenies!

What are the lightest road shoes? I currently
have Nike Poggios, which weight about 260 g. each.
Rocket7 makes custom shoes at about 190g. each.

I was thinking of buying the Izumi vaper shoes, but
can't find out what they weigh anywhere.

thanks in advance.

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by PK

I am also looking for some light shoes .... the Izumis are not as light as the Nikes...but thats just a subjective test..didnt have any scales on me!

Where can I find out more about these Rocket7 shoes? Cheers PK :lol:


by Guest

You can find more detail at:

They are *very* expensive US$ 350 and higher,
since they are custom.

I think it may be the way to go. Even at this price,
it may be one of the cheaper ways to reduce rotating

regards, Jens

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by PK

Cheers Jens

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by popawheelie

I heard Vittoria shoes are light. If a shoe has a carbon sole and a mesh/imitation leather uppers with a couple of velcro/hook and loop closers it should be fairly light. Do you really need costom shoes to get light shoes? I know it's hard to get weights on them. My local bike shops don't carry very many. When ordering through the mail it is hard to know if the next size might fit better.

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by Cyco

For very light shoes custom made means they ajust the stiffness for the rider. Have a look at

Would you spend US$900 on a pair of of the shelf shoes?

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by Triathlete

Hello everyone... I'm new to this board, this is my fist post. :D

So I shot over an e-mail to LUST and asked how much each shoe would weigh if I wear a 10.5 (american) shoe. The following is their answer:

Thanks for your interest in LUST cycling shoes. LUST shoes in a size 10.5 would be 300 to 350 grams a pair depending on your weight and power.

Sounds pretty good to me. For the cost, however, I'll stick with my Sidis.



by Martijn

I have the 2002 Nike Poggio's. They're very nice, I love them, but they're absolutely heavyer then 260 grams each......


by JustBrowsing

I also think you should go for Rocket7 if you want the best from the best.
If I'm not mistaken these are the shoes the Telekom team uses and Ulrich also races on them.

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