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Anyone else having problems with finding full-finger gloves with real leather on the palms and fingers?

I'm not sure what asian textile manufacturer conned all the major glove brands into thinking that suede-like fabric is suitable for cycling gloves, but it is total BS.

I've had two pair of winter cycling gloves disintegrate within 20 hours of riding. This is totally unacceptable.

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by CharlesM

What brands?

Ive had a pair of Pearl Iz with the "crap" fabric for a few years... Thousands of miles and hundred of hours and they're great. Also a set from Prendas (inexpensive and very good wind tex and fit) that are a textile (leatherette?) palm and they're also a couple years old.

Now in fairness, Arizona winters are what one might consider "mild" bit it gets to the 30's - 40's (f)...

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by Hyde

I have some Capo full finger Gloves that are all one fabric with some sticky little balls on the palms. Better than anything I've tried.

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by Griswald4x4

I have had some Pearl Izumi lobsters that have the "crap" leather on the palms, they have lasted six years in the mountains of Virginia, putting up to riding, skiing, backpacking, and the like. They are dirty as hell, but the have held up fine. The stitching is going much faster than the palms at this point.

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I guess i'll have to attach some pictures.

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