PRINCIPIA WARRANTY - New frame? What do you think?

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by staggerlee

My Principia broke on Sunday. Just riding along - really and truthfully - on my mothers life. Look at the pics and tell me if you think they should give me a new frame even if the warranty has run out. I could of have a serious injury after this catatsrophic failure.
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by NS

How old is it?

As far as I know the dont even have a UK distributor these days. I'm not sure the "new" Principia company would honour warranties on the older frames.

Wasnt it RBS bikes who now import isaac.

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by staggerlee

It's 5 years old. I've been in touch with Principia Denmark but they will
only offer a frame at a reduced price. If I had broken my back when the frame snapped they would be out of business as I would have sued them for all I could.

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by Cyco

Warranty has run out.

They obviously believe the frame had a limited life expectancy, why would then then be under any obligation to replace it?
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by DC41

Could the damage have been done in an earlier crash? I had a carbon seatpost break while just riding along but am pretty sure it was damaged a few days earlier.

Glad you didn't end up injured.
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by justgoing

First of all I'm glad you did not get injured when the frame cracked.

Was there a bottle cage mounted? I guess it is possible that overtighening the cage mounting bolt could have caused too much stress in that area and led to the crack.

If the warranty is expired then their offering a reduced price on a new frame is decent of them.

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by Michiel

Man, you got lucky you didn't hurt yourself!!!

Sadly if something had happened to you, you can't sew them..
The Principia company you bought your frame from went bankrupt, they only bought the name and inventory. So they don't carry any liability or warrantyclaims. I also had to pay for a cracked Revolutionframe...

Advise: If you really liked your bike and you think the price they ask is not too high, get the frame!! Your receipt is a new legal warranty item, so keep it!!
If not, buy something else beautiful!! Remember you will receive a "old" frame not a 2007 or 2008!!

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by drjones96

It sucks that they wouldn't warranty that. Some companies would. I know several folks that have had Trek's that were O-L-D OLD and had something like this happen and they get a brand new one out of it.

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by staggerlee

thanks for all those replies guys. I'm glad I didn't get injured too!
The bike has never been crashed and I didn't overtighten the bottlecage
bolts. I have raced bikes for 19 years and know a thing or two about them. They did offer me a 2005 model at 500euros (frame) but to tell the truth I just don't trust the brand anymore. I think I'll have keep a watch out for a nice carbon model as soon as it comes along and price is right .

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by geraldatwork

I see some new carbon frames on ebay quite frequently at very good prices. Keep your eye open for them and don't rush into the first frame that comes up. I purchased a new complete carbon lugged Bianchi for less than they wanted for the frame alone. Of course when I was opening the carton I was hoping for the best and expecting the worst.
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