Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by ras11

That 47% should be 15%... sorry. Not so good with math in my head. Ooops. :wink:
:-) Toys-R-Us

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by Karma

Hi ras11 and all others,
Well, I ordered a scale. It's a hanging unit which can be found in the Mc Masters-Carr catalog which means a whole bike can be weighed. This answers my goal :wink: . I believe it's a house brand. Not cheap by fishing scale standards but pretty good for the money. It is their Model 3952T43 for $297.98. It is classed as "Legal-For-Trade" which I think means it can't rip customers off too badly. Sigh; there goes the profit margin, dear. But not mine 'cause I no longer have customers to worry about, just hyper-alert weight weenies. I'm nervous; what if I find that my nifty 15.5 lbs, carbon almost everything, bike really weighs 17 lbs.?
Well, we have a lot of high cliffs around here..........

I bought the 30 lb/13.6 kg version. The specified accuracy is +/- .08% of full scale. This works out to be +/- .38 oz and +/- 10.9g. It has both English and Metric modes and a zero function which allows the tare (weighing fixture) to be cancelled. The .95 inch characters will be easy on my tired old eyes. Takes 4 C bats. and has auto-turn off. I think it will be nice but it is definitely not a lab scale. I will still make use of my double beam for small items.

They also have a 15 lb. model which you with sub-15 lb bikes may be intersted in. I'm not quite in that class (but close). It's the same price.

ras11, I too live in New Mexico. I have visited the Gila Wilderness only once many years ago in a car. It was very beautiful and interesting. As I remember, there were not many roads, it being a wilderness area and all, but many trails. Addtionally, the surrounding area, which includes Silver City, is also very nice. Be ready for lots of hills. I would check the WEB for more specific info. Also, the link will show you topo maps. I just searched on Gila Wilderness and that will get you in the ballpark. Be sure to check the fire conditions. Severe draught the past few years have caused all of the NM mountain areas to be closed for large portions of the summer. You also may want to check out the Bandellier National Monument area in Northern NM. It will remove the air from your body in more ways than one; the elevation is around 7500 feet (lots of steep hills) and the beauty is beyond description.

See ya on the loading dock!!

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