Crumpton UL part II - Updated

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by mises

Finally made time to take a few more of my invariably poorly focused pictures of the semi final build. Ready to roll with sealant filled tires it came out 5.33kg; 5.56kg with the Powertap SL 2.4 wheel and computer installed.

Geometry is TT 555mm, ST 490mm, HT 100mm, BB drop 82mm, CS 415mm, STA 72 degree, HTA 72.5 degree, 7.1 deg slope on the TT. I plan on changing to a braze on FD with BTP clamp and probably ditch the heavy gold tape at some point, plus Dugast SP tires when available. Of course a WW bike is always in flux so who knows what else.

Frame: Crumpton UL 730g
Bar/Stem: Crumpton integrated 13cm using 44 c-c Bontrager race XXX lite VR bar 269.8g with steel bolts.
Brakes: AX Orion, ZG holders, SwissStop yellow pads
Headset: Tune Bobo
Fork: THM Scapula SP tuned
Brifters: Record with BTP clamps. R Ergo with Escape internals.
Cables/Casings: Jagwire ripcord and superflex teflon coated cables
F Der: Record CT with alloy bolts
R Der: Record with carbon jockey wheels, inner plate, and alloy limit screws
Chain: KMC X10SL Gold
Seatpost: AX Daedalus 290mm
Seatclamp: BTP
Saddle: AX Endurance colored
Cassette: Cycle Dynamics 11-25 TSN51 coated
Skewers: M2
Cranks: THM Clavicula compact 175mm, 50/34, FibreLyte outer, TA Syrius inner
Pedals: Speedplay X-1 with alloy butterflies and TSN51 coated spindles and ti kneesavers axle extenders.
Cages: BTP
Wheels: Rear - Extralite Ultrahub with ceramic bearings, Cxray spokes, Zipp 285 rim. Front - AC Micro 58 hub, cxrays, Zipp 280 rim (different from rear just because it hasn't broken yet :lol: ).
Tires: Conti Comp vectran 22mm.

Despite my first 6 hour test ride featuring a flat rear tire in the first 2 miles and a looong second three hours spent totally bonked the frame was very impressive even compared to the SL frame it replaced. Best case I was expecting the comfort to be equal to the SL but it was actually better and the rear end is laterally stiffer too. It was good enough that I am still not sure I believe it until I get another long ride in on the same crappy roads to make sure it wasn't my hypoglycemic mental state playing tricks on me.
UL 024.jpg
motivational assistance courtesy of Jason @ Fairwheel
UL 029.jpg
UL 018.jpg
UL 016.jpg
UL 012.jpg
looks good in the art gallery
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by jipperd

one word speechless.. :shock: what a bike :P

can't wait to see some daylight pictures

by Weenie

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by Auk

:unbelievable: :unbelievable: :unbelievable:


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col hicks
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by col hicks

:D that looks amazing , could you post some better pics mises

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by mises

Partial sun is in the forecast in a couple days so I will see if I can get some better pictures in real daylight rather than the dreary stuff we usually have.
UL 008.jpg
new bike induced weather
UL 008.jpg (11.22 KiB) Viewed 7199 times

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THat is one very cool bike, crumpton is doing a lot of good stuff lately..

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by mises

These full on porn shots will have to satisfy your appetites. If the sun comes out at all again I am definitely not going to be taking pictures of it. :P
UL 045.jpg
UL 044.jpg
UL 043.jpg
UL 038.jpg
UL 037.jpg
UL 034.jpg
UL 033.jpg

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by ejm


well done

enjoy it!

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by Frankie - B

Dayum, love the sadle and tape but I think a combo is better. Any chance you could put some classic leather tape on it? (with the same color as the sadle)
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'
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by mises

I have been waiting forever and a day for some copper chameleon synthetic leather that I was planning to use for the bars but since that is still on indefinite backorder I will be switching to some orange tape.

I was considering using a plain carbon Endurance from another bike with the gold tape - right up until my hand slipped off when I hit a hole in the rain today. Looks cool in the sunlight but not that cool. :evil:

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by mathi

:shock: wow !

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by mises

After more than a month on the new frame my overall impression is it's the best bike I have ridden in 25 years and the worse the road is the better I like it. The integrated barstem continues to impress with its stiffness too.

Downside is I have been seeking out the worst roads I can find, paved or not, to try it out and 20km on loose gravel hills can become a bit of a chore. First few km of fishtailing and wheelspinning is fun but the fun always seems to wear off when you are as far from paved salvation as possible. :?

Finally came up with a bar tape color scheme that works pretty well too.
UL new tape.JPG

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by SLight

could you give me more details on the finish? is it waxed or untreated sanded carbon ? is it more fragile than varnished ? is it affected by bad weather?


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by KB

I think you'll find it's unidirectional carbon, which shows up this way when in the light. Parlee's and Ruegamer are like that as well if you do a search.

by Weenie

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by TheBugMan

WOW mises!!! Where has this bike been my whole life?! Can't believe I missed this post, your bike is AWESOME. Judging from the inside of you house and the bike I'd say you have a taste for the finer things in life.
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