Cyclocross gearing

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by MiNtzNUrMth

so what kind of gearing do you guys use. Im just getting into cyclocross this year and im running 48,39 up front and a 12-25 dura ace cassette(which i would like to switch out before i totally ruin it.) I have no clue so let me know. also what are the standard barrier height ive been bunny hoppin a curb out front of my house that is 16 inchs.

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by TB

42T single ring
12-27 Cassette

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by Trek/VW

38, 48

Racing Aardvark
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by Racing Aardvark

38/48, 12x25 or 12x27

Regulation height is 14" I believe (might be 15"). Around here, bunnyhopping is not the most important skill. One of the local cross "pros" came to our team practice and wowed everyone riding over our triple barriers till I pointed out I go through them faster with the standard mount/dismount(he was pretty slow doing it). Given that none of my teammates will get their bunnyhopping that good this season, they have more important things to focus on. ;)

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by jeremyb

44t x 11/30

i am actually going to a 42x 11/28 just because the top end stays about the same, but it'll be a slightly lighter set up, as im swtiching from a generic 11/30 cassette to a ti XTR 11/28 (8spd) picked up for $35 on ebay.

And i wont miss that extra speed going from a 44x11 to a 42x11.

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by Joel

39*46 12*26

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by Niko


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by Tippster

Are we not comparing "apples and pears" here?

given different terrain and different fitness and technique levels most people's ideal individual gearing will be just that individual to themselves.

Or have I missed the point of the post?
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by MiNtzNUrMth

the reason i asked the question was to find a general idea of the gearing for a cyclocross race since i have never done a race. You do make a good point about fitness and terain so i should have said "gearing for a rolling course"

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

Hey, you're in chandler? I'm in tempe and I'm gonna be putting together a cross bike this winter. PM me, maybe we can get together and ride.

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