Weight Weenie o/t Year '06 NOMINATIONS 'till 13 Dec. 24h CET

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by FelixOr

Great work C a s r a n ! The effort you're putting into this is outstanding.

If i remember correctly, there was a MTB-weenie last year, who made into the top3 ?

Anyways, my nominations go to:

:edit: now i know who i forgot: Simon and Zakeen for bringing the WW spirit into the pro-peloton!
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by simon

wow, thanks that my name has been mentioned a few times!
now to think of who to nominate makes some headache.
i won't comment about the guys we can't vote for, because it's wasted time anyway and they're all such great guys that everyone would deserve the title more than the one who finally gets wwoty 2006.

pk0r:great helpful guy and seems to have tour magazine at home before it gets printed. the bike he built this year really beated all the others.

felix0r:his energy never seems to die, he bought some interesting parts this year, but he worked on far more interesting projects. should change his nickname in the near future to sandman!

zakeen: his results and his new contract speak for his potential.
but his racebike was so great, i know how hard it sometimes is to have something changed when you're in a team. if i come with tune qr, half of the team start "oh, zahner has to have something special, sponsored parts aren't good enough". seeing his parlee with even different front and rear brake, srm, lightweight wheels made me cry because i just wanted this, too. but then i went riding with my ti-screws-tuned fuji wich is not too bad anyway...

sure i've forgotten many, and if i get asked tomorrow, i would probably name 3 other ones, but baby cries now and i'm going to help my wife and make it short:
my vote goes to zakeen because he brought ww'ism into the peloton. and let's hope he gets the title, because then it's his responsability to bring ww'ism into the pro tour!

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by FelixOr

....should change his nickname in the near future to sandman!

:lol: ironically enough, my WinAmp just plays Metallica - Enter Sandman

THX by the way :beerchug:

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by mrowkoob

=4cranks wrote:I know that it's impossible for him to reign as WWOTY,
but I'd like to make an posthumous nomination of "bigfellow" Bill Niko (Singapore) anyway.
Interested in all points of view, always a kind word, never a flame, greatly missed.

Well maybe The wwoty could get the "Bigfellow" WWOTY prize?
The unbearable wallet lightness of being a weightweenie

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by fffastfaz

Casran, I don't think Madcow should be left out because he doesn't feel worthy or because he is in the industry.

He still contributes very valuable information, has been responsible for a great deal of the baddest builds out there and always gives a fair and balance view and has the product experience to back it up.

Even though he does not feel he is worthy, I for one would still like to see he has the opportunity to be voted for.

On another note perhaps we could add a "Rookie of the year" for some one that is new to the forum, that has already made a strong impact and contributed to the forum like;

The Jerk

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by Rich_W

Again, this year I have to remove my DirtySanchez Sombrero to JaunMoreTime. John is a big weenie... and that's a complement. :D

John consistently pushes the envelope. Carefully analysis of everything out there. However holds a consistent, and out-of-the-box perspective on what he believes. Ti frames and durability are a clear theme.

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by dm69

I have only been here a month or so but in the short amount of time I have been here ZAKEEN has been far ahead of the pack.

I enjoy his diary and his useful training tips...as a young aussie cyclist he gives me someone to look up to and support. I don't know how he is with WW parts but really that's not important to me at all.

Hopefully he goes off tap and kicks some Arse with T MOB next year.

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by divve

I can't wait to see him on TV 8) Very cool and a down to earth guy.

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by LJ

fffastfaz wrote:On another note perhaps we could add a "Rookie of the year" for some one that is new to the forum, that has already made a strong impact and contributed to the forum like;

The Jerk

I can see the Jerk reading this now and loving the fact that he has just been referred to as a "Rookie". How about it rookie? :P

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by Kuiper

Imagine how "rookie" The Jerk is,
he wrote something about him-self overhere:
http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum ... hp?t=24368

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by roadie

Casting my newbie vote for Juanmoretime for his never ending quest for lightness and encouraging new WW's with great deals on his old stuff!

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by el_justino

Kuiper wrote:This year I think it will be a hard desicion Madcow or LJ for there Charity action.
Zakeen for his promotion to the Pro Tour and his "Sponsor" Action.
Simon for his information about the Cyclocross and his hard work in the cyclocross-races.

If I have to choose one of them, It will be hard to choose cause they all deserve it.
But if it really needs I will choose: Simon

I have the same thoughts as kuiper, and if I have to choose I chose also for SIMON!

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by Ridley

I would vote for


in 2006 :D

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by Tillquist

My vote goes to LJ

See all my bike h e r e

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by pinkpanther

and my vote to zakeen
motivation can't take you very far if you don't have the legs

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