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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by cadence90

spin110 wrote:I am a junior so the lightest cassette I could get would be around 160g. Is campy chorus much better than ultegra ten? What are the diffrences between record and chorus? Am I looking at 100, 200g? Would you upgrade from the am classic post to the use carbon one for 85 clams? Should I invest somewhere else?

I personally think Chorus is fine, as good as Record really except for a few bolts, logos and lots of $$$.
Better than Ultegra??? is a never-ending debate....They're different, not necessarily better. I don't know the total comparative weight savings: you can look on the Listings here or on the respective websites for the specific components you would use.

On the AC (you mean aluminum I assume?) versus Alien carbon you can expect to save 40/50g, not bad for $85, if you can stand the USE clamp. I think it's a PITA.

As others have pointed out, your money on a crit bike is better spent on durability/response/power than on non-rotating weight, like on a seatpost. I would spent the money on the best fork you can get that works well with your frame, and then on wheels (but the AC's you have in your budget should be fine).
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by spin110

Custom True Temper S3 Steel 56cm 1200 to 1300g

280g Ritchey to 350g ec90

Cane creek IS-2 70g

Syntace F99 120g

3t Prima 199, 200g

Use alien carbon 130g or ac 190g

Selle Italia slr 140g

Seatpost clamp
the clamp 15g

380g :cry: Can I tune them with some better pads?

chorus 373g

Front derailleur
Chorus 100g

Rear Derailleur
chorus 203g

Bottom Bracket
I’m taking Suggestions. Token super light 150g

I’m Taking suggestions. Maybe, I’ll go with the stronglight pulsion. I want something light but just as stiff as the regular ultegra. 460g

Keywin 200g

KMC X10 SL 240g campy 280g

Cycle Dynamics 160g ordinary one 200 to 250g

American classic 100g

American classic 350 1360g

Rim tape
Rox 3g

Inner tubes
Performance lunarlite 100g

Veloflex pave 360g

Campy 120g

Bottle cages
B-T-P 30g

Stuff I forgot

Grand Total: 6.5 to 6.9 kg 8)

Will I be able to pull this off? I need to find a place that can give me all my parts or find a huge deal on a gruppo. If I start with a gruppo, I won't shell out for ac350s, I will get the lightest oddsandendos or (if I can convince myself) some nimble flys. What is an alternative to Stronglight cranks? Who could give me a deal on this ensemble? Campy is not that expensive after all.

by Weenie

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