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by jerk

calogero_vizzini wrote:
wishIwasSponsored wrote:I beg to differ, I go by the Colnago position school of thought, my weight is "draped" over the frame. I ride on the bike rather than inside it. It feels more responsive that way.

You could go and ask Ernesto Colnago himself and even then he'll set you up with a larger frame. If you choose not to listen, don't, but from someone with quite a lot of industry experience you really ought to change the frameset.

you sir should try to race a bike that's too big and you'll find that this guy is on the right size bike. proper race bikes need weight over their front wheels especially given the longish front centers and shortish chainstays of modern race bikes. you have no idea what you are talking about good sir. you didn't even ask the kid about his build. if he's got long arms and not much of an upper body of course his bike need a 140 or a 150 stem.....consult your coni manual or better yet look at some pictures of guys who make their livings riding bikes....all except the most diminutive climbers roll on 130-150mm stems.....

the jerk is always right!
the jerk thinks your stem is too short!

by Weenie

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by frd

The one I posted before:

but as I said it does not apply to your case as your setup is correct (I didn't read that the setback in the pic was incorrect)

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