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by bigdan

I just thought I should introduce myself to everyone here. I've been lurking for a little while and finally decided that I might as well join. I live in Socal and I am putting myself through college, so I don't have a very gucci ride yet, but will be looking forward to some advice on components that will give me the best bang for the buck.

A little info about my ride:

'03 Giant TCR Elite - XL
Alpha Q Pro-EX fork
105 Shifters, R. derailleur
Dura-Ace front derailleur
Ultegra Crankset
Speedplay Zero Stainless pedals
No-name brakes (the frame requires long pull brakes)
Ritchey bars and seatpost
Selle Italia Saddle
Forte Stem
Handbuilt Mavic Open Pro/Ultegra
Elite Cages

She's definitely not the lightest on the block, but she gets the job done and allows me to race. :D

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by Skillgannon

drjones96 wrote:Hi bigdan! :welcome:

Click my sig for posting instructions.

drjones, should we just have your sig as part of the signup requirements for the site? :D

But bigdan, welcome to the site, its good to see some more lurkers signing up to show off there gear and contribute. Nice sounding bike too

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by Luc

Hi, bigdan ! Sounds great....!

You already know what we all want... Pics !!!

Pollice verso.

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by bigdan

Let's see if this works. This is how she lies right now. No pedals because I pulled them off to ride the LA Velodrome last weekend. That was a blast! But I'm sure you all can imagine a pair of Speedplay Zero Stainless pedals on it (the CSC-red type).

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by Frankie - B

Hi Bigdan, Welcome to the forum!
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

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