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by Frankie - B

Weight Weenies the reliable source for weights and info on the internet welcomes dellucci the 1000th user of the forum.
His real name is Ben Delucci and he is a 36 year old triathlete from Luxemburg.
He permitted us to ask him some questions:

Q: Where did your interest in Weight Weenies come from?
A: I was searching for some new parts.

Q: Do you ride a roadbike or an mtb?
A: It´s a roadbike

Q: What brand of bike do you ride ride and why?
A: Giant TCR Carbon. It´s simply fast.

Q: And what is the weight of it?
A: Actually 7,195 kg´s in training and 6,260 kg´s in Competitions.

Q: What would your dream bike be?
A: Scott CR1.

Q: Do you have a favorite racer, if so, who?
A: Lance Armstrong

Q: Do you have a favorite trail, if so, where/what is it called?
A: Every trail is good for training.

Q: Do you have a dream location to ride?
A: I love to ride in Spain

Q: Are you a competitive racer, sponsored or as a hobby?
A: Triathlon is my life but actually I'm searching sponsors.

Q: If so, which team are you on?
A: Triathlon Luxemburg(called, TRILUX)

Q: Do you also play other sports?
A: Of course, triathlon is not only bike riding.

Please feel free to tell something more about yourself.
This Internet site is the best I´ve ever seen. Now nobody can tell me this or that and not knowing if it´s true or not.

Thanks to all the team who make this possible.

'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

by Weenie

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