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by spaniardclimber

Not having found cx-rays for building a wheelset Im looking for alternatives, I can get Wheelsmith XL 14 spokes,even lighter than cx-rays...but equally resistant? Anyone has had experiences with them? Will I have a light and strong wheel or just a light wheel? (I can't get the XE 14 so that's why I look at XL14)

by Weenie

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by Joel

When J-bend: Sapim Laser, DT Aerolite very good
When straight head: Sapim Laser, the rest is hard to get

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by mises

The XL-14 are horrible. With 28 spokes you can get brake rub on any rim using them. DT Aerolite are very similar to the CX-Rays so I would use them if you can't find the CX-Ray.

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by Cyco

The quality and finish of Wheelsmith spokes is not as good as DT and Sapim. The spokes thread is not as smooth ans the others and the taper length at the butt is extremely short. The nipples are not as strong as the DT or Sapim nipples and with the extra friction from the poorer thread they deform at lower spoke tensions.

Between the DT Aerolites and the Sapim CX-Rays I'd go the DT's as on some of the Sapims the ovalisation doesn't exactly match the butting profile- leaving a lump on the spoke and it will not go through the hub.
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