Mavic Msyriums SSL SC's (2004) hub friction...

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by mzagorski

I've got a pair of 2004 Mavic Ksyrium SSL SL's... I've noticed that there is a lot of friction in freehub.... like... I can roll my bike forward and the pedals turn because the freehub doesn't err... freewheel so freely. Anyone have this problem and know how to fix it?

by Weenie

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Hi there
We get this problem quite frequently at work at it happens when the freehub starts to get a little dry. Take the free hub off clean thoroughly with contact cleaner and some cotton buds. When you put it back together use a light chain lube and do not grease it as this adds quite a lot of drag and you will be back to wher you started. If you need a diagram of how to get your hub apart look at the mavic website. You will need a 5mm and a 10mm alley key. Hope this helps. dan

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by Ralphy-boy


Thanks for the tip, as I also have this problem. Where are you from, country?


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by divve

Use 80W90 gear oil. It has the perfect consistency ensuring correct and long lasting lubrication without leaking excess. When you clean out your hub be careful not to spry on any bearings.

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by rom

I went to the Mavic site to see the hub diagrams but I could not find them. There is a Technical Manual available but it requires a password to view it. I don't know why they want to keep the manual secret. Has anyone seen this technical manual, and is it worth reading? Can anyone PM me a password so I can read it?

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Ralphy-boy I am from London England.

by Weenie

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