Trek fans...check out Ebay item# 3691487303

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by cyclemanpat


by Weenie

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by Mathieu


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by Delpi

Ciao Zauri

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by Mathieu

omfg :shock:

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by NS

Damn it, not my size :lol:

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by C-40

"I just got back from the Perenees Mountains myself. There a picture of this bike at the top of the Col de Pyresourde. When it comes to bike neither I nor anyone else has ever seen its equal....."

I think this guy is the one taking drugs...... can't spell, can't get the price right and makes false claims- let's get 'em.....
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by saletel

The Dura Ace 10sp is so efficient it never fails to jump when you stand up

thats shimano for you

also think he could afford a better camera? i bet not

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by popawheelie

If you look at the picture of it leaning against the sign he has it the top tube against the metal sign. I NEVER do that with my good bike and rarely do it with others out of habit.

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by bobalou

Delpi wrote::laughat: 10000 $ :shock:

CR1 - 2949
Lightweights - 2160
total 5109
(x 1.2 dollars per Eur) = 6130

I think I'd prefer that to the Trek, 100 times out of 100!! You could take a trip to the Pyrenees and still have money left over for another set of Lightweigts!

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by uphillisgood

Maybe it's overpriced 250% 'cause of those special black cranks? :lol:

by Weenie

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