Petachi and his cranks.....

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by Frankie - B

LOL :twinkle:
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by Johancoenen

He probaly don't uses carbon cranks because they are tho flexy in the sprint and so the chain can get of the big gear ( LOOK at BOONEN)...

Ps for 100 gr of less weight he can't take any risk....
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by asphaltdude

Mile Ditch wrote:
cadence90 wrote:Right. Actually, Harvey Keitel makes Alessandro Petacchi's cranks. But Ralphy didn't tell us that....

Harvey doesn't make Petacchi's cranks anymore. He used to, but he went bankrupt or into receivership, so now the same guy who makes rebadged lightweights with an aluminium braking surface and Cosmic Carbone decals makes them. He is too short to reach the top of 177.5 cranks but he is looking into a process where he stands on his wife's girlfriend to reach. The cranks will only fit a rebadged, custom moulded, Walser_Giant OCR as ridden by Lance.

The woman outside the bakery told me.

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by Ralphy-boy

Right, here goes to set the record straight,

Harvey Keitel does not make Petachi's cranks....this is done by cadence90, c'mon buddy time to come clean, come outa the closet and admit you make his cranks in a backyard operation. I have it on good authority (from a mate of the guy who picks up your garbage, that you also are the one who supplies Giant with all it's proto-types.
I thought I was the only one who new that Lances rides a Giant OCR, damm that woman at the bakery,
cadence90, sorry mate you lost me with the girl friend, being a happily married man (wifes happy....and I'm married) trust me wives know everything.

But to get back to cycling sorry to all you NON-OZZIES that Robbies has stolen your thunder in the last stage of the TDF, I was talking to him last night and told him to pull his finger out and start gettin serious and win some more.
Thats enough dribble for now.


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by C-40

thanks to ralphy and his coal powered town of smokers and people with bad teeth we have the truth.........

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by cadence90

OK, Ralphy you found me out. I used to make Petacchi's cranks, Harvey Keitel only polished them until Quentin Tarantino found him some better work. Damn Harvey just split one day...

Then the short guy made me a deal I couldn't refuse: he bought all the cranks as long as I would throw in a step ladder (which he rebadged as a standard ladder). He went bankrupt too, because he had an idea to rebadge these as "darker" Dura-Ace cranks, but then Shimano sued him for color/tone infringement. You can't fight the big guns....

And I definitely do not supply Giant with all it's proto-types; those are made by the farmer's daughter on weekends. Her friend the bakery lady makes the integrated seatposts but always gets the size wrong. I know this because the guy who used to pick up my garbage retired and now he has an internet cycling forum. He's also Robbie McEwen's uncle, and he told me Robbie is now working on a dairy farm, that the guy riding in the Tour is Andrei Tchmil rebadged as Robbie McEwen. Something about a sheep called Dolly, real technical stuff I gather....
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by bobalou

At this point, Ralph Cramden might as well make Petacchi's BB! He's been nonexistent in any tour sprints thus far.

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