Stella Azzurra carbon h-bars

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by bikenerd

Is anybody using Stella Azzurra carbon handlebars? If so, what model, and where did you get them (in the US)? How do you like them?


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by elJefe

I've had these bars about a year and they are a key part of my "cockpit"!

Not super light @ 246 g. [42cm] but an almost infinite # of grip positions, each anatomically engineered, makes these far superior to any thing else I've grabbed! Tops, hoods, drops, all perfect for my avg. hand size!

Especially nice is the flat platform created @ the bar / hood interface of my Campy shifters!

Graphics are a touch strong for me but could be taped over for added grip!

Of course goes quite sweetly with the S.A. mag stem!

Colo. Cyclist & WCProd. have them @ 400.00

S.A. is one of the few cycling companies that truly think out their product from start to finish. No rush to market here, you can see they care and engineer each item all the way through! [Watch adv. weights tho-they can be under claimed weight or ridiculously over!]

N.B. Once you put your hands on these, you will have to have them! They are that nice!

S.A. also makes a budget alloy version @ 280 g. called the Profi Ala which I have on my crosser. This is not the exact config. as the Tirreno but @ 1/3 the cost, $120.00 ish @ LBS, and not much heavier, ain't bad.


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