Setback of USE Alien, or other suggetions?

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by homegrown

Does anyone know how much setback an USE Alien Carbon seatpost has? The clamp seems pretty close to being over the top of the tube itself (similar to Thompson.) I have a FSA K-Force seatpost right now but it has wayyy to much setback. Does anyone have any suggetsions for a post with minimal setback, light weight of course, and has to be 350 mm. Thanks.

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by weiwentg

USE posts have very little setback, probably 1cm or so. Thomson's setback posts also (per the review on Cyclingnews) don't have much setback.
personally, I'd recommend the Thomson Masterpiece. it's bombproof. I have one of those, and a Bold Precision seatpost. the Bold is sexy (they aren't taking orders until their new facility is set up) and it is damn light. I don't know how long the post itself will last, but the clamp seems to be well designed. not quite as secure as the Thomson clamp, but close.

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by Juanmoretime

is 15 millimeters. I currently use them on all my bikes.

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