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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by rustychisel

Hi all, been lurking around this site for a while, just wanted to say hello, hope you enjoy the TdF, and share a pic of my cycle, which is not really a WW machine but is pretty damn light.
PS: re the recent thread on Keywin pedals - they're brilliant. Get 'em.


by danielgillett

Is that an LED light attached to your Carbon stay's?

by Weenie

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by Ralphy-boy

Hry there,

Nice looking rig you got there. So the Keywin pedals are good then?


"the older I get, the better I was"

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by Bruiser

It is, they cost $A20, are very, very bright and light. And are easily moved between bikes (should you have many bikes).

How long have you had the keywins? (durability)

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by rustychisel

Hi Daniel. Yes, as noted, lights less than $20 Aus. I use a white front on the bars as well, dunno if they're exactly legal, but they can be seen from a long way and battery life is good. For commuting I add a bigger flashing LED to my backpack for visibility.
Ralphy-boy and Bruiser: love my Keywin's. Had 'em about 15 months, specced when I bought this bike. Have used Look but was getting knee pain and unable to dial it out with adjustment. Tried red and black cleats, two pairs of Look pedals etc, and eventually got tired of wearing out cleats too fast, also, so took advantage whilst buying new bike to change over.
Stack height: minimal
Weight: minimal (can't remember quoted)
Cleats: long wearing - just thinking about changing over for new after 10,000km (15 months including time off for injuries)
Attachment: not the easiest to get into (single sided) but no worse than many. Big flat contact point, and never even thought I was going to unclip them - sprinting, uphill, anywhere.
Bearings etc: still silky smooth, in fact I think they're just wearing in properly. The axle has a 6 deg rotation which is Keywin's version of lateral float and it really suits me so much better than Looks red cleats.
Durability: have another pair which I bought online for my single speed and these are an early version which must be over 12 years old and the bearings are still in excellent condition (i've just rebuilt them). Some wear on engagement surfaces.
The only situation for road where I wouldn't recommend them totally is for traffic jamming if you need to get in and out all the time...

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