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by Nobby

Are titanium frames better than Aluminium?
Can you recommend any good cheap ones?
What about Airborne Lucky Strike @ 3.6lb's?

Help me decide - regards Nobby

Dr G

by Dr G

a good alu frame (scandium these days) will weight considerably less than your average Ti frame and may even cost you a few notes less

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by Adri

Titanium you buy because you like it's color and it's resistance to fatigue and it's long lifespan.
It is not the lightest to build frames from, although a good titanium frame comes in a around 1590 g for a 18.5 incher (Litespeed)
There are a lot of frames that are about 1/3 lighter, but in the long run, those frames will have cracked and faded away while your titanium frame still runs.

Cheap titanium frames?? Sorry, but the process to make them is to intensive cost-and labour wise. If you add custom butting (like Litespeed does on its tanasi) the sky is the limit.


by Roland

Aluminium is lighter but it will 'work harden'

This is like if you get a paper clip and bend it back and forth until it breaks.

This is the same as the stresses on your bike. Your aluminium frame will do a 'paper clip' a lot sooner than your Titanium frame.

Another issue is build quality. Titanium is difficult to work with and so by definition your frame will be a high quality build as it needs skilled workers to construct it.

Aluminium is easier so 'anyone' can make them. Obviously the good Aluminium frame makers are just as good as titanium ones but there is no low end of the market in titanium like there is with Aluminium.

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