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Bill F
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by Bill F

Any suggestions on the simplist way of polishing scratches out of titanium. I'm not looking at getting back to the original shine/finish - just getting rid of some unsightly abrasions.

Weisse Luft
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by Weisse Luft

3M makes a line of automotive finishing abrasive paper in grades as fine as 2000 grit. You should be able to duplicate the factory finish with these, testing on the BB shell or a piece of scrap.

The abrasive is Silicon Carbide which is a very sharp and hard abrasive, capable of fast action on Ti. The paper is also used wet which helps the finish process. With 2000 grit, the finished look is a medium polish, not mirror though. You need cerium oxide to bring out a mirror shine.

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by Superlite

Just find a metal polisher, you'll be better off. Polishing metal, esp. a hard metal like Ti can be very difficult. I personally don't think it's something t odo yourself, unless you have knowledge on the subject and proper buffing equipment.

If its just a few scratches you want buffed out it probley won't set you back more then $20. I had my old frame polished for just $80, looked friggin awsome with the mirror finish. Have a professional do it, and save the headachs.

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by tyson12zoll

I've had the best luck with scotch brite pads. You can create a great finish with them. Seven Cycles recommends scotch brite pads for replenishing the factory finish to their frames.

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by cadence90

Jewelers Rouge on ScotchBrite pad or polishing cloth.
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