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by JayDee81

wheelsONfire wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:45 pm
Have you tried a -10, -12 and/ or -17 stem?
That's a great suggestion, so the bike fit might be good even now after all.

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by wheelsONfire

JayDee81 wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:41 pm
wheelsONfire wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:45 pm
Have you tried a -10, -12 and/ or -17 stem?
That's a great suggestion, so the bike fit might be good even now after all.
Well, there's alot of cheap stems you can start with if you're unsure.
Or if you know how much you'd like to drop the handlebar you can calculate it with this tool

I have alot of stems, so i can go back and forth if i have some new ideas.
It's good to actually test how you feel for a certain pose and that is possible with more stems.

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by bjarnetv

sounds to me like you should try out the ISM PN3.0 - it's quite heavy and ugly, but really good for rotating the pelvis forward and staying in an aggressive position for a long time.
i also have a power ARC and a pro stealth, but they are nowhere near as comfy when staying in the drops for hours.

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by osw000

JayDee81 wrote:
Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:25 pm
Hi guys, I have problems with finding a good saddle for myself, have tried several and decided to ask here, if you have any suggestions for me what saddles to try.
I am 182 cm tall with 86 cm inseam and I am flexible (can touch the ground without problem), but not overly flexible. I am also used to run my saddle rather more forward and when I am pushing big watts on flat I slide completely forward on the saddle. My current bike has reach of 384 mm, 100 mm stem and the distance from the middle of bars to the tip of the saddle (not horizontal, but direct) is 540 mm.

My current saddle is Fizik Antares VS regular (142 mm) my2017, which is not bad, but I have one little and one bigger problem with it. The little problem is that I am often sliding a little bit forward from the part that your sitting bones are supposed to sit on, which causes my bigger problem, which is hurting perineum. Actually it is not really hurting, but rather going numb. Not good.

I have tried Specialized Power (143 mm), which I quite liked, but sometimes my sitting bones were starting to hurt. I was feeling the edges of the saddle. Great for perineum though, but unfortunatelly I didn't test it in my "TT mode", when I tend to slide forward on the saddle, so I don't know about this situation.

Another saddle I have tried is Selle San Marco Mantra Wide (146 mm), which is no go, because my sitting bones were hurting a lot after a little while.
I also tried Selle San Marco Shortfit Wide (144 mm), which I liked the shape of, except for the sloped back part of it, which was causing me lower back pain. I also felt as if I couldn't push 100 % while sitting on it.

Another Selle San Marco Aspide Narrow (131 mm), which was too narrow for me, didn't provide enough support. Hoping to test it's wide version soon.

Currently I am testing Selle Italia SLR Superflow, which I am not quite sure how I feel about. It feels as if the main sitting part was more backwards compared to other saddles, which is why I have put it more forward than other saddles. I also feel that I am sliding from the back to the dip that's in the middle of the saddle. Didn't do any 100+ km ride on it yet, so I am not sure how it would feel then. Anyway today I was leading the group in a TT position and when sitting on the tip of the saddle it wasn't really any good. When I tried to push myself more to the rear part of the saddle I would immediately slide back forward. Probably not saddle for me. I also feel as if the main sitting part was too sloped to the sides, maybe I should try some flatter saddle? How is the SP-01? Unfortunatelly there is no place I could borrow it, so I'd have to buy it to test it. Same with most other brands.

Oh and on my XC bike I have currently Selle Italia X-LR (131 mm) and it feels good for the XCO type of riding (little extended periods of sitting on the sadle) and during extended climbs (15+ minutes) I only get sore sit bones, which stop hurting after a while of not sitting on the saddle.

What do you think guys? Thanks for your help.
Sliding forward in the saddle is either a sign of too much reach or too much saddle setback.
Going to a road frame with a longer reach and shorter headtube can aleviate pressure from butt by balancing you a bit forward but you will be more stretched. If you mantain the current setback, more reach will keep you sliding forward no matter how low you get your cockpit possition.
Selle Italia has shorter rails for when you need to slide the saddle forward. Prologo saddles have more usable rails and allow to push them forward a bit farther.

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by kgt

In terms of rail length SMP have the longest rails. Some Selle San Marco models have rather long rails too.

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