2019 Supersix Hi-Mod vs 2020 Supersix

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by chrisbeats

Hey guys,
I'm looking at upgrading my CAAD12 to a Supersix.
You can get a 2019 Supersix Hi-Mod with Ultegra on sale for the same prize as a 2020 Supersix with 105.
This is probably a hypothetical question, since on a few persons have had the chance to compare, but;

Would you buy a 2019 Hi-Mod or a 2020 Evo?

by Weenie

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by tarmackev

2019 Hi-Mod for me.

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by reedplayer

if are you a climber, 2019!
for flat courses one can consider the 2020.
if you ask me personally, i would buy the 2019 definitely, because id prefer the more aggressive geometry and aesthetics, but this is individual.

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by mendiz

I have bought 2019 SSEvo HM , for me is nicer, really is aesthetics the factor.
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by 3Pio

2019 all the way....

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by kgt


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by octave

if aesthetics is a factor i would definitely try and see the 2020 in person before deciding. the latest supersix rim-brake version still has that hole in front of the headset that the disc version uses to route hydraulic hoses. it is covered with a plastic bit on the rim-brake model but it still looked out of place to me. otherwise the frameset surprised me-- based on the photos i expected to dislike it, but it does look better in person.

that being said, i have a 2016 supersix evo hi-mod (same as 2019 version) that i LOVE, so the new model would have to really impress on a test ride to win me over. but, since you have neither, you are more of a blank slate.

test ride and decide, as the cliché goes... but as a weight weenie the now "old" ssehm wins.

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by TheKaiser

The weight weenie pick is clearly the 2019, aside from the frame you are also talking about a 100-200g savings with the gruppo, plus any other parts upgrades that come along with the Ultegra level bike. The "semi-aero weenie" pick would be the 2020 105 bike, as the new 105 is functionally nearly identical to Ultegra, and the new frame is supposed to be better aerodynamically. As reedplayer said, the theoretical best one would depend on your terrain. I also didn't see any mention of if you were looking at disc or rim brakes. For me, tire clearance would be a factor, as I like the idea of a racy bike that can still do some mixed surface riding. On the rim brake bikes, C-dale went to direct mount brakes for 2020, which often will safely clear 30mm tires, whereas 30mm can be a tight squeeze on some center mount brake models (seems to depend on not just model, but also frame size, so difficult to say for sure). Similarly, while the disc bikes have more clearance in general, I would expect that the 2020 has a few mm more than the 2019. If you're riding steep primo pavement all the time though, that shouldn't really be a concern.

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by dastott

A nice dilemma to have. Can the 2019 SS Evo take 28mm tyres? Never used them myself as my 2012 SS Evo can only take 25mm. Whilst the new SS Evo is supposedly more aero than the older ones it has a more upright geo IIRC so will put the rider in a higher position? Thus negating any aero gains.

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by Hexsense

Small difference in geometry can't dictate how upright the rider sit in most cases.

Change from -6 to -17 degree stem lower the bar by 23mm.
From -10 to -17 degree stem lower the bar by 15mm.
If -17 is not enough, -20 degree stem exist.

Or simply go down the frame size...

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by TobinHatesYou

If rim, whichever *you* prefer.
If disc, I would go with the 2020 SSix. Hidden cables and thru-axle rear.

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by Wookski

The geo for a 2020 SS is practically the same as 2019 Synapse. So if you want a race bike, go 2019. If you want a boat, go 2020.

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by Patto

I bought a himod 2019 after the 2020 came out. Looks better and I don’t care about aero. I do have an aero bike though. 8)

by Weenie

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by chrisbeats

Thanks a lot for you comments, appreciated. Would also be interesting to hear your thoughts on stiffness and comfort.
I've ridden several 300k rides on my CAAD12, so comfort should not be an issue.
I would guess that the SSE HM is stiffer than the 2020? Has anyone seen figures or claims from Cannondale?

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