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Bill F
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by Bill F

What is the general consensus on how far the handlebar tape should go up on the new anatomically shaped handlebars, i.e. -FSA K-Wing or like? With a normal handlebar I apply the tape right up over the top of the bar as far as it can reach toward the stem yet still allow the cables a clean routing. Some new bars are nicely shaped to provide more support for the hand and also have a narrow profile to the wind. Any ideas/recomendations? Thanks.

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by popawheelie

I don't ride in the drops any more so I put as little tape as possible on them and save it for where I put my hands most of the time. I'm thinking of cutting off a little of the bar ends because I don't need them. It would look weird to cut off too much though. I think the manufacturers have to keep things a little traditional in order to sell some product. Like bars. My other thought was they keep them in case someone wants to put bar end shifters in them. I would never use them so why not cut off a little? I have thought of using downtube shifters to save weight.
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by mises

Most people seem to tape just past the hoods. I tried that and I didn't like the way it felt so I stopped halfway up the hoods and stuck the end into the unused ergo cable groove and taped it down. Feels much better - and probably saved 2g more.

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