What’s your favorite saddle?

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by TurboKoo

I just don’t want to sit anything else than PRO Stealth. I have it on my road, cyclocross and mountain bike. Just love it.
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by Weenie

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by Ringo

No one has experience with Selle SMP full carbon? That’s strange.
I have to look about Berk Lupina since a lot of you mentioned it

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by sychen

Lewn777 wrote:People that really like Berk Lupina do you love or hate Fizik Arione and Antares?
I had both arione and antares tried really hard to like them. It's not that I dont like them..

Arione is too narrow, not enough support and hip rocking gave me issues. Numbness as well.

Tried antares.. Just didn't fit well for me.. Numbness even worse. Never tried the channeled version.

Moved back to specialized for a time.. Power saddle was great until I upped the mileage. Iratates the tendon at the base of my glutes/leg... Nothing could be done.

Berk lupina for me is similar to specialized romin and power (in the back) without the ridiculous wide nose or the platform that doesn't flex.

Lupina is supportive of the Sit bones and flexes through the shell/wings which keeps everything happy down there.

Is it THE best? Don't know.
I've tried alot.. Best so far... The sp-01 is pretty good so far.. The chassis feel different.. But flexes nicely.

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by PrimO

Prologo Dimension (143) on both my road bikes, used a Prologo Kappa PAS for years before coming across the Dimension and giving it a go. I find it so comfortable, more so than the Kappa which would cause some discomfort when on rides over 3hrs.

At the moment I'm 76kg and 182cm but will drop to 73/74kg in the next month or so as fitness levels rise afetr the winter. I usually ride 12-14hrs a week. Midweek rides are 30-40km with longer 100+km spins at the weekend.
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by Greatestalltime

San Marco Apside Carbon fx(wide) with cut out.

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by wheelsONfire

This year i have tried Selle Italia SP 01 boost (S3), Selle San Marco Mantra FW wide, Fizik Arione R1 large and Spesh S-works Toupe (143mm).
The two last saddles i dislike.
SP 01 boost is a bit complicated for me, since it's not made for people moving around.
Mantra is my favorite. It's really different from all other saddles. Much flatter from nose to rear.
Part from that, it's round in the rear and not flat. The wide version is not really wide since the saddle is tapered and also round in the rear.
All in all i have used about 25 saddles. How you like them is also heavily affected pending on what kind of chamois your bib shorts have.
I try mine with Castelli Free Aero, Pearl Izumi TT shorts (virtually no padding) and SQ Labs One12 (at thickest point the chamois, is 4mm)
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by kgt

You mean Selle Italia SP 01, right?
My favorites are SMP Composit carbon (the most comfortable ever) and Selle Italia SLR carbonio (for shorter rides).

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by kzy090

Selle Italia SLR series, all the way!!
I use it on all my bikes, except for my MTB.
I use the Selle Italia Nepal for that one.
Same brand, same geometry, so it feels pretty much the same.
Fizik Areone and Selle SMP didn't work for my butt.

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by dim

dereksmalls wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:03 am
Berk Lupina
I'm looking very closely at these now after reading this thread (as mentioned, my favourite saddle is the Brooks Cambium C17 Carved - the best that I have used for long distance)

I have it mounted on my Trek Emonda SL6 and it looks odd, and it weighs 400 grams .... The Berk Lupina padded will save me 300 grams and if it's as comfy as the Brooks, I will buy it
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by guyc

As of today, S-Works Mimic

And yes I know it’s meant for the laydeez

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by GaBa

On my current bike I first used Fizik Antares 00, did not like it and changed it for Arione 00. Was better but still far from what I’d like. Now I have gebiomized Sleak, T shape, 135mm with channel. Could not be happier :)

Btw, if someone likes Arione 00, I still have it for sale.

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by MountainAddict

Using a PRO Stealth - 152mm right now although the newest version of the Specialized Sitero Expert is probably my favorite.

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by hkgmatt

Berk Lupina padded (oval rails) and Brooks Cambium C13.

The Berk is stunningly comfortable for such a minimalist saddle.

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by TimW

Prologo Zero II Pas for me. Like most tried all sorts.

Don't believe the nonsense about flat saddles for short rides and rounded ones for long rides or the flexibility bs.

It's simple trial and error to find what works for you IMO.

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by Weenie

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by mrlobber

I haven't tried many options, however, I have established that I prefer narrow over wide. Thus, ever since I found that Berk Lupinas (also naked) sort of work for me, I've stayed with them as there aren't many other saddles out there, which are that shape and, most important, consistently sub 100g weight.
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