05 S-Works Tarmac in 06 plummage...

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by snips

Here's my orginal set-up:

http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum ... highlight=

And here is the lighter, slinkier update.

Tarmac SL Fork vs standard S-Works fork
AC BB vs Stronglight Twister SL
KMC SL Gold chain vs Record
Stronglight CT2 chainrings vs standard Stronglight chainrings
Tune chainring bolts vs standard Stronglight bolts
M2 Racer Skewers vs Bolds
Tune Lockring vs Campag
Cycle Dynamic 11-23 Ti cassette vs Record 11-23 Ti.Steel cassette
Rolf Elan Aero vs Ksyrium SL2s

Yet to be weighed but I reckon I've knocked off 0.5kg or so...
Thanks to those who helped out getting stuff across the pond :D

by Weenie

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by collegiateRacer

I'd be interested to know how much it weighs now...
how do you like the ride? is it stiff?

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by snips

Went for a quick 20 miles earlier. Ride is as stiff as before, no noticable flex in the wheels but I'm getting some vibration in the fork under heavy front braking. Will have a go with the Ksyriums tomorrow and if it continues maybe changing the toe of the brake pads may help.
Overal it feels much lighter, the M2 racer skewers look great when looking from the cockpit and the Rolfs make a lovely sound on smooth blacktop...

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by ProTech

Nice build,hope my Tarmac Pro turns out as nice.

If the Rolf are give brake shuddering it's due to their uneven finished rim braking surface.

Solution;get a ski tuning gummy stone ( also called de-tuning stone) or the expensive Mavic version for bicycles rims that sell for 5x the price as the ski version.

Put the bike on a work stand or upside down on the floor so you can freely spin the wheels, run the stone on the braking surfaces. It might take a few sessions of running the stone to make the problem go away.

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by scico

Can you tell weights of the two forks?
Do you have a pic zoomed on the skewer?

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by snips

Original fork was 420'ish grams uncut the SL fork 1s 333grams uncut.
Will post close ups soon...
Vibration is a wheel problem, just on the lookout for a gummy stone. Tip, don't type "gummi" into E-bay otherwise you get a lot of interesting non-cycling related clothing :lol:

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Really cool! That is one slick build, I think the SL fork, and the low spoke count on the wheels are what make it look soo much better than the stock version. This is really nicely done!

by Weenie

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