Stems: Deda Superleggero vs Zero100 vs SuperZero

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by 3Pio

Until now i was using Fizik Cyrano R1 stem in 110 and Easton EC90SLX3 handlebar, which i found very stiff, comfortable etc..

But since i build second bike, i installed this bar (with Kalloy Uno 110mm stem for now) on my CAAD12, and for my Colnago C60 got Deda Superleggera handlebar where i still use Fizik Cyrano R1 stem...

Still not having chance to actually test ride this bike outside and check the new handlebar in real, but start thinking to upgrade eventually stem and seatpost for Deda's (to switch from Colnago Seatpost to Deda Superleggero RS seatpost, based on look, weight and that maybe i need a bit less setback then 25mm)

And in this case i'll move Fizik Cyrano R1 Stem to my Caad12...

Anyway, many times i read that Superleggera handlebar is flexy, but most of the reviews i find out are based on experience Superleggera bar/Superleggero Stem.. So what is the main source of f flex? Bar, Stem or both?

If the stem is source of flex, maybe i can go with Deda Zero100 or Deda SuperZero stem (which dont look that good and dont match that good Superleggera bar/Superleggero Seatpost, but maybe i can sacrifice a bit of look for more rigid front end..)

Im not too much heavy (71-74 kg), and not care too much of flex during sprints.. But i hade flex in front end on downhills with strong crosswind/sidewind...

If i go Deda Superleggero stem, i'll imediately change the Ti bolts with grade 5 Ti bolts, since i also found too many reviews of easy braking them even with lower then 5 nm torque of bolts...

If the source of flex is bar, then doesnt matter which stem to go, so i'll pick Superleggero based on look...

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by KotP

It sounds like you want a superleggero stem to match your bars, so get the superleggero stem.

The bars will flex before the stem does. I have this set up but I'm a few kilos lighter than you and don't really sprint.

Be aware with the superleggero stem the actual weight is going to be ~10g more than advertised weight in what ever size you need.

by Weenie

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by newforker

The superzero stem makes a whsitling noise.

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by rlanger

newforker wrote:
Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:09 am
The superzero stem makes a whsitling noise.
Your Superzero stem may make a whistling noise. But you can hardly generalize. Mine certainly doesn't. And btw, that stem looks totally badass on your Felt so whistling noise be damned!

OP, of course looks are subjective, but also important. If you don't like the looks of a stem, you won't enjoy riding with it. It's right there in front of your face the whole time. So definitely choose something you can live with.

I personally really like the looks of the Superzero, especially when matched with the Superzero bars. They also match the lines of my bike really nicely.

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by wheelsONfire

newforker wrote:
Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:09 am
The superzero stem makes a whsitling noise.
As long as it's whistling on nice chicks, i wouldn't complain :-D
I have the RS on my gravel, but i'll be damned, cause mine doesn't attract any ladies :noidea:

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