Easiest to clean white bar tape?

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by Noctiluxx

For the first time I plan on installing a white saddle with bar tape on my bike. Two of my friends who use white bar tape recommend against it. Is there a brand/mode of white bar tape that is easier to maintain? Is it better to use white palm gloves? Any advice would be appreciate it.
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by Slammed

The Shiny Fizik stuff stays white but the feel/comfort of it is awful. You pretty much just have to ride in dry conditions and change your tape frequently if you want any tape to stay white.

by Weenie

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by sungod

i've used the non-shiny fizik for years (used to be called microtex, now they call it classic)

it'll pick up dirt over time but can readily be cleaned with water and washing-up liquid (rinse well afterwards!)

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by BdaGhisallo

I don't think you're going to find the unicorn here. There is no white bar tape that is both easy to clean and is actually nice under hand when riding. White tape is much harder to maintain and needs to be replaced often if you want to maintain the unblemished white look.

That's why, traditionally, only team leaders were given white bar tape. It was an affirmation of their exalted status in the pantheon that the team would afford them tape that needed to be changed every day. For the rest of the time, they had to make do with black or other colored tape.

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by kgt

I would also like to add that replacing a bar tape 2-3 times a year is very bad for environmental reasons.

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by bm0p700f

Replace with black bar tape.

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by Geoff

In 'the day', we only had cotton tape. Race bikes always had white, which meant new tape almost each race. Then came Benotto and Bike Ribbon and all the other synthetic tapes. I think all of the synthetic tapes clean-up very nicely with just a clean, damp terrycloth rag. A lot of the bikes in my stable have the race white on them and they all clean-up nicely. Fizik and Lizard Skins are the best, but they are all pretty good, in my experience.

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by spartan

FIZIK CLASSIC SUPERLIGHT . stay white easily. the tape has no damping so use some gel cushioning underneath common areas
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by bilwit

with the fizik stuff you won't ever really need to a clean it except a wet wipe every now and then

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by Noctiluxx

Sounds like Fizik is the way to go. Thanks!
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by c60rider

I've regularly used white bar tape on my bikes and only ever use Cinelli cork ribbon. When I used to race I still used white cork ribbon so you can imagine the state of it after a wet race yet some soapy water with a big scrubbing brush would soon get it looking clean. You have to work harder than with almost any other colour but then it's nice to know you have lovely clean bar tape unlike the minging black tape that you will have no idea if you've got clean or not! Go with whatever colour suits you and your bike at that moment. It's one of the cheapest items to replace so what's the big deal if you get through it twice or three times as quickly as a dark colour.

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by Seedster

I use supacaz and clean with soap and water. I change the tape twice a year. I chalk it up to the cost of the hobby.

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by Kayrehn

My experience (and my friends') with Supacaz is not good - it gets dark stains just from sweat alone and its impossible to clean off those stains. Fizik is the way to go, easily cleanable if you have to. Lizard skin peels if you clean it too often/hard.

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by flying

I have always used white bar tape...for decades

Past two years I have been using Shimano Pro Smart Silicone
Lasts a long time & cleans off easily

Trick to running white bar tape is give it a wipe when done riding
You can use Windex or if you have any stubborn marks the pre-wet
make-up remover wipes they sell packs of for cheap work great.
Buy them at Target or those types of places very cheap for a pack

Of course white will lose its super white after months as it ages but it is gradual
& still looks fine/white IMHO

by Weenie

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by Wookski

If you like thin, firm tape then fizik superlight classic is very nice. For something a little more cushy the pro race control is very comfortable with an easy to clean microfibre outer- it’s a unicorn.

Clean after every ride with a little jiff and have months of super white tape.

Those who say you can’t have comfort and cleanliness haven’t searched hard enough.

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