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by basilic

Cycling in Ireland

Gap of Dunloe

Weather afoot

Peat bogs

Sheeffry gap

in Glenade

Who needs switchbacks? Gap of Mamore

by Weenie

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by Gearjunkie

Basilic, I can only see the last two pics... :?

but holy mother of ***, what's the grade of that gap road in the last pic??? :shock: :shock: :shock: :unbelievable: :unbelievable: :unbelievable:

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by basilic

details here https://veloviewer.com/segment/876936/Mamore+Gap
up to 22, or 19, depending on length of segment. All I could do to stay on the bike...

(sorry about the photos. I see them all)

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by kingtom

I'm looking forward. If all goes well i'll ride in Ireland next August. Image Such a beautiful country.

Here in Switzerland, autumn comesImage

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by kgt

I may be wrong but it seems like some of you guys have a pro photographer following you all the time. Cool!

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by Calnago

Lacoon... Amazing shots. And it’s so cool you have a cycling significant other to get in the pics.
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by lacoon

Thanks a lot! The photos in the last three post I shot with selftimer ;-)

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by Kayrehn

Have you thought of going into a side business of selling bike riding posters featuring yourself? Jealous much!

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by TMI

basilic wrote:
Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:10 pm
In the end, after many phone calls, I got documents of the dog's vaccination status from the family. Seems ok.
The lady, the lady dog, or both, need training.
I was bitten by a persistent dog a few years ago, but thankfully it had had its shots. I filed a police report anyway, to have on record for the next time it bit a cyclist.

Had another run-in with an aggressive dog on one of my favorite routes again yesterday. Ruined a rear tire locking up the brakes (my fault) as the dog invariably runs in front of me. This road is on the route of an upcoming century ride, so I reported this dog to the race organizers in case they can get something done about it.

A quick google turned up this product, http://www.nelsonpaintball.com/animal-control/ "Not intended for recreational use." :wink:

by Weenie

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by MoPho

lacoon wrote:
Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:29 pm
Grimsel-, Nufenen-, Gotthard-, Furka-, und Grimselpass :-D

Great stuff, amazing location.
Makes me wish I could travel


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