New build - which frame?!? 2016 Evo Hi mod vs 2016 BMC SLR01

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by dak

Hi everyone

I am looking for people's thoughts between two frames I've narrowed it down to. I ridden both briefly and the geometry is similar although not exactly the same.

2016 C-dale Evo hi mod vs 2014-2017 BMC SLR01.

Esthetically that are very different and for a while I was convinced I wanted the BMC. I've been riding a 2012 SL01 for the last 3.5 years and have really enjoyed it but now I am looking for a more compliant ride. . I have not liked any of the cannondale color ways of recent years but I am really digging this year's Blue ultegra and have a chance to get one a a great price with warranty. The BMC would likely be used without warranty or demo with warranty.

I've spent more time on the SLR01 taking it for extended test rides but the Evo felt great for the short parking lot ride I did.

Would love any feedback but especially from those who have experienced one or both frame sets.

Thanks in advance for your advice

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by Weenie

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by Multebear

I have two Evo HiMods, and they ride great and look great. I think both frames are quite similar in performance and both look good. You'll be very satisfied with both

I haven't compared geometry charts, but I would pick the one that has the most aggressive geometry/shortest headtube, which probably is the Evo.

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by wheelsONfire

Looking at chainstays, BMC is really much more beefed up. Seat stays shorter and fork seems to have larger fork blades.
So my guess is that C-dale is more compliant.
Both bikes are low and long in geo.
I had probably looked at BMC Road machine or Synapse carbon.

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by MikeyBE

My brother used to have an SLR02. I have an evo Hi-Mod.

The SLR was a very composed but never exciting bike - one to tap away at demolishing a big climb and carve down the other side! The Dale has sharper handling in my opinion.

If you want to attack climbs and give occasional little taps - I'd say go Cannondale. If you want composed efficiency, maybe the BMC...? It's a tough one to call!

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by Steph26ne

I'm a happy owner of a BMC SLR01 Red (2015) ... This bike is awesome. Compliant and beefy when it need to be. 10.000 km today (1000 km for 23.000 m during hollidays) and ready to start tomorrow ;-)
This bike is a real cameleon (see BMC team use) ... Either, The new SuperSix is also amazing :-)

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by Juanmoretime

I have never ridden a BMC but I'm sure it would be a fine frame. On a team ride a majority of the bikes, in order from high to low, are TREK's, Cannonales, Giants or Specialized, So for me Cannonade is so common for years, like the others mentioned, I looked at those like a generic product as in not exciting. With that said and having family living in other states from where I live a few years ago I started renting instead of brining my own bike. I've rented Specialized, for me nothing exciting there. I also rented a Giant TCR Advanced which was a great bike. My last time in California to visit my daughter I rented a 2016 Evo Supersix and was completely blown away by the performance of the bike. Excellent ride and handling. I would happily add a Evo Hi Mod to the stable if I was looking for another frame to build.

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by ianSWBB

The BMC for me - i find the Cannondale very light on the front end, so get twitchy on the descents!
New for 2017, we're getting several colour options for a change!!
Which I'm happy about, but not so much the frame engineer at BMC, who when the BMC team got there white/red versions for this year's tour, was heard to say 'You give us a 3 year task to reduce the weight of these frames - and then as soon as we achieve it, you add 120gms of paint!'

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by dak

Just saw this build on Instagram and it's got my heart racing.


I wonder when BMC will put out a new team machine. Seems like the earliest would be next year's tour. It's such a good frame I guess it would be hard to improve other than maybe some weight loss.
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by dak

Decision made! I found a deal on a new 2016 Evo Hi-Mod frameset in the Ultegra blue I could not pass up! $1,650 with Speedsave seat post and SI crank and spider rings.

Dura Ace Di2 arriving today and some new road bars too!

I will start a post in the build forum shortly but thanks to all for the replies.

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by dadoflam08

I'm just so glad this is not another thread about Dogma 8's and S-Works offerings - how on earth did heavy bikes like those get to dominate the WW forum?
To the OP - both are great choices so a hard decision - I suspect the C'dale will have slightly more aggressive geometry and build to a marginally lighter bike. Both frames are highly refined and developed and have great allround handling. I'm a BMC owner and would probably go that way again - just prefer the slightly squared aesthetics of the BMC tubing over the C'dale. The C'dale Evo has had incredibly positive reviews about its handling and geometry ever since its first iteration.
Please keep the thread going when you make your choice
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by dak

Thanks for all the replies and opinions. I thought I would would re-post the finished product from the Intro forum to bring some closure to this thread.
After 4 great years with my last ride, a BMC SL01, I have finally built up my dream bike!

Custom built 2016 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod in Cobalt Blue.

I was back and forth between the 2016 Evo and the BMC SLR01. I had ridden both bikes and loved the balance of comfort to stiffness both frames afforded. In the end, I went with the Evo because I fell in love with the frame color which was different from the usual red, black and white or the murdered carbon look. Found a killer deal on the frameset and crank for $1650 and then pieced together the rest of the build. Was going to wait on the new 9150 Di2 but in the end I liked the esthetics of the 9070 group and really was only excited about the new shifters. So, I decided to cannibalize a set of 6770 shifters from my old build and have the new 9150 shifters on pre-order.

Weight:....6.72kg. / 14.78lb. ready to ride with pedals, cages and Garmin mount / computer. In the next couple of months I will be cutting about 100 grams once my 9150 shifters come in.

Seatpost - SAVE Carbon
Seat - Aliante VSX Braided
Stem - Easton EA90 120mm -10 degree
Bar - Easton EC70 Aero 40cm
Bartape - SuperCaz Super Sticky Cush
bottle cages - Arundel Mandible matte 3k
Brakes - Dura Ace 9000
Front derailleur - Dura Ace 9070 Di2
Rear derailleur - Dura Ace 9070 Di2
Crankset - Cannondale SI with Stages Power meter (on backorder with Stages but will only ad 20g)
Chainrings - 10-arm SpiderRing 53/39
Chain - Dura Ace 9000
Shifters - Ultegra 6770 (I have pre-ordered the new Dura Ace 9150 Shifters from Competitive Cyclist - this should shave about 100g)
Cassette - 11-28 Dura Ace 9000
Wheels - Enve 6.7's Clinchers
hubs - White Industries T11 hubs
Spokes - Sapim CX-ray
Tubes - conti race
Tires - New Michellin Power Competition
Pedals - Dura Ace 9000 +4mm (was getting heavy rub but I actually haven't notice the wider q-factor that much)
computer - Wahoo RFLKT+





My 2016 Evo Hi-Mod

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by evan326


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by AJ1980

Very nice bike

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by cdncyclist


by Weenie

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by dak

AJ1980 wrote:Very nice bike

evan326 wrote:Beautiful

cdncyclist wrote:Stunning!

Thanks guys! I am loving it. Bike feels and handles amazing. Never thought a bike with this type of awesome racy handling could be as stiff where it needs to be, yet as cushy as it is.
My 2016 Evo Hi-Mod

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