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by Romano


I am a french road runner.
I started cyclo-cross in december 2004 in a small french federation name UFOLEP.

1 year later I made really big improvement and I now ride in the official french federation FFC. I have a regional level and I can be classified in UCI cross (22ème in OTEGEM, 43 ème VORSELAAR)

BUT I have big technical problem :lol: it mean I can't drive my bike fastly in very technic cross.

So by example when the circuit is very easy or only physical I have result in progress but when it is very technic I can't follow runner that I beat in other fast cyclo-cross.

So do you know if there is a way to improve my ability to drive the bike ?

I read that UCI organize a "high level training course at the world cycling center" juste before the season. Do you know things about that ???

Thanks a lot for your help.



PS: take a look at photos it is me :wink:
Longuennesse (France)

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by Weenie

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by Tim

I had the same problems when I started to run xc serios last season.. get out and run technical tracks and you will get the speed in this kind of sections.. You can't be faster without practice.

practice makes perfect as they say, and it's true in this case.

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by simon

hi romano!
first, it can't be the bike 8) ridley bike, shallow bar, you seem to have it all.
no, to take it seriously: the most importasnt thing is tecnical training. ride your cyclocross bike at least once a week, and don't just ride easy going. make yourself a track with different difficulties, like obstacles, a little stair, fast and slow corners and a little downhill. the lap should be around 3 minutes, not too long, better when you can make many laps and learn a lot(you can do the "riding training" on the road...). you can change the course after some trainings, when you think you've progressed. it is important to ride on this lap also in racing speed(not always, but for example 30 minutes warmup, 5 times one lap racing speed, 1 lap recovery, 30 minutes cooling down or something similar. try to find at least one training partner, ideal would be if he's a bit better than you, so you can learn from him, but if he's too good, he'll always kick your ass and the training won't be funny...
btw, how old are you?

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by Romano

Thanks Simon and Tim,

I am 28 year old I started road bike competition 7 years ago and get results I was 513 ème in the classement of the French Cyling Federation unfortunately I get very bad health problem and I must stop bike 3 years without any activities I started again by cross but only for fun and race by race I recover my legs so I decided so race again seriously on road and in cyclo-cross.

But I also discover cyclo-cross is very technic and you can loose a race if you ride bad pressure or bad tubulars but I like to learn :wink:

But I think I am very lucky to live in north of France next to Belgium I think the best school to learn cyclo-cross where also amateur level is very very high... 8)

Sometimes I go in Harnes to train but this winter I ride too long training I think and not so fast, it was a mistake !!!!
Harnes is where John GADRET is training but imposible to follow him of course :lol:
I see him every wednesday !!!

I also realize that in cyclo-cross you must be 100% efficient at the start, but in the road you can be a little bit tired that is not a problem !!!
but in cyclo-cross the start is a VERY BIG part of your final result !!!

Yes i love my Ridley it is a X-Night, very light (7,4 Kg) , confy and strong enough for cyclo-cross :wink: my oher bike is ridley Supercross I hope an other X-NIGHT for next season only a question of money of course :lol:

Bye and thanks a lot for your help that is great :D


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by Mr.Gib

Maybe it is the picture bu your saddle looks very high - that can disrupt good bike handling.

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