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by Petacchi

I was really unsure of where to post this so i just decided on the general forum since it contains everything from fixes to MTBs, to road bikes. Its not really weight weenies esque but it should get every cyclists pumped and also happy that you dont do anything nearly as crazy as this stuff. The drag race through NYC is by far the best one to watch. Its big at 50mb but it is well worth the time to sit and wait to watch it. Hope everyone enjoys.
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by climbingcue

The drag race was crazy... Nice link...

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by LowMach


Those riders put way too much trust in the cabbies, bus drivers, and the dreaded modern day mini-vans(SUV)!!!!

very fun to watch! thanks for the link!

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by Tippster

climbingcue wrote:The drag race was crazy... Nice link...

second that on the drag race. I MUST SEE for anyone interested in bikes
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by Arjan

I always thought I did crazy stuff while riding :shock:

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by Samsquanch

The drag-race video was incredible; makes me wish I had a road bike.

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by RTW

Samsquanch wrote:The drag-race video was incredible; makes me wish I had a road bike.

You don't need a road bike. One of them is on an MTB with slicks. For that sort of thing, coming from someone who rides like this at times in London (I know, I know perhaps not quite as stupid as these guys) I would suggest a hardtail with slicks on it. Puts your head higher up, which is preferable through traffic IMO and experience.

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by drjones96

Makes me feel glad to live in the heartland. That was pretty scary. I could just see one of those guys going under a bus or something.

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by TSMonk

There are some sick vids there. Anything titled "drinking & racing" is bound to be entertaining.

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by wana be like jan

respect for the guy on the fixie, otherwise i do that all the time, great for sprint training, nothing more motivatin than trying to stay alive :D
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