Kastle carbon bike?

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by bobalou

I found this Kastle road bike here on the website below.. while searching for info on Kastle bikes. Anyone familiar with the brand and/or bikes? I know Kastle made (maybe still make) skis. If anyone has an official website for them please let me know..


Who do you think makes this frame for them, I wouldnt think they make it inhouse but I'm just guessing...

BTW (Frankie) I hope this isn't too wide.. I took it from the website. Feel fre to delete it if so.
kastle copy.jpg

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by Frankie - B

Why delete, if you can resize!

Don't get me wrong, being a pic size guard dog is the last thing I want to be! I really like this forum, and all I want is that it runs great.
If somebody posts a really big pic, the text of a reply often runs out of the screen so you have to scroll. Not having to scroll makes your life easier, and more fun to read the forum!

I really have no clue about the bike though!
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by Florian

AFAIK Kästle closed its doors a few years ago and the brand name was bought by another company (most likely from Asia).
Just like it happened to many other brands, too.
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by Bruiser

Even without the pics I have to scroll, maybe my 17' screen is too small.


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